Our Story to Tell

(Title Pending)

An Action/Fantasy/Supernatural story written by Superblal

Author's Note:

Hello all! This is Superblal and this is my first story. As a newbie to writing stories, I would love feedback on what I did right, what I did wrong, and how I can fix it. So, without any further ado, here is the beginning of Our Story to Tell.


The calm before the storm, the moment of peace before the struggle.

None of that really happened; it just all went to shit

Three kilometers in diameter, a strange black meteor that continually pulsed bright colored energy hurtled into the upper atmosphere. Although the atmosphere was doing its job, the heat only deteriorated a large percentage of the projectile leaving a flaming shard about one yard in length to fly through the lower atmosphere, heading for the center of a large city.

The shard was getting closer and closer until collision was inevitable: five, four, three, two…

The classroom bell rang for the second time, signaling that if they weren't in their seats by that time, there would be hell to pay. In the third seat of the third row, the thirteenth seat out of twenty five desks arranged in a perfect square; the exact middle. A young man of not quite eighteen sat, head on his arms, lying down contently. Having been at the school for a devilishly long amount of time, around seven years, he knew what to expect once that cursed bell rang.

The day started off as normal as possible…

As the last tones signifying tardiness came to an end, a blur kicked open the door and attempted to dive for desk number twenty-one, the desk on the complete opposite corner the door was, and failing miserably. Landing on top of the desk on his stomach on top of desk five, which was occupied by an innocent looking girl chatting indistinctly to the person next to her as if this was a regular occurrence. He stood up rather frazzled, seemingly scowling at nothing particular. The teacher looked amused as the boy grumbled to himself and walked the rest of the way to his seat.

"Detention is at 4:30 today"

"I know, I know"

When compared to other schools, this one was quite small, and small schools tend to have a large percentage of students and teachers with quirks. Not quirks, more like eccentricities.

"Are you sure? You were late to detention last time!" Girl in seat one exclaimed.

She was notorious for her snappy comebacks and 'don't fuck with me' attitude and her short fuse. Some say it defies physics as it seemingly reached its end faster than the speed of light.

"Don't get your panties, or should I say bloomers in a twist, since, ya know, all that stress will turn you old in no time!" Boy from desk twenty-one contorted.

"One plus Twenty-one equals twenty two. Just about how many years a couple needs to be married in order to act like that!" Boy from seat twenty-five said, as a wave of chuckles erupted from the class. He was known for his clever one-liners and occasional puns.

"Alright class, enough excitement for today, let's begin today's lesson. Today, we are starting a new unit. Can anyone tell me what they know about thunderbirds?"

Anemos City, named after the God of winds, was suspended thousands of meters above sea level in the middle of the sea of Poseidon, or as normal people call it, the Pacific Ocean. In the center of the city, there was the Highwinds School for Mythological Protective Studies. Every mythological beast, known and unknown, exist, and it is the school's job to train specialists to protect them and keep them hidden from the rest of the world.

"Thunderbirds are birds of incredible sizes believed to control rainfall and can command thunder with the flap if its wing. Based on North American indigenous mythology, thunderbirds are very strong, very elusive, and very fast. But after years of careful observing, it was determined that thunderbirds are also very, very wi…" Boy from seat thirteen stopped abruptly as the entire school shook.

And ended in disaster…

A very high frequency noise followed the initial shock. The noise seemed to become too unbearable as even the metal street lights began to twist and curl into deformity. Concrete sidewalks cracked and wooden benches snapped under the immense strain and energy being released. All of the students rushed outside as ceiling lights began to fall inside the classroom. Up in the sky, everyone could see a large ball of fire leave behind a long wispy rainbow trail as it zoomed ever closer to its destined crash zone. The students started to scream in terror as they realized the meteor was heading straight towards them.

Inside the classroom building, the students from seats thirteen, one, five, twenty-one, and twenty-five were hastily working to ensure students from neighboring classrooms escaped in the teacher's stead as they made sure the students outside were safe and calmed. With slight panic in their eyes, they helped the last person exit. Double checking all of the classrooms to make sure no one was left behind, they finally decided to leave. However, as they were a mere twenty meters away, the inevitable occurred. The ceiling collapsed a split second before a loud boom was heard everywhere. A swirling vortex of pure brightly colored energy lit brightly before dying down for just a second.

As this was going on, the students and staff backed away from the building, not wanting to be there if an explosion took place. As the teachers were in a rush to hopefully cease the panicking, they forgot five of them.

Inside the collapsed building, the five students started to groggily get up. As the meteorite crashed, the shockwave created was strong enough to send everyone flying backwards, making them crash into whatever was behind them. The student from seat thirteen groaned as he picked himself up after crashing into the now broken water fountain. He looked around to notice the others were picking themselves up as well, having crashed into walls and doors. The flashing lights caught their eyes as a strange sensation washed over them. A feeling of curiosity arose, along with the desire to investigate. As if in a trance, the student from seat thirteen hesitantly raised a hand towards the meteorite. Closer and closer the hand got. The anticipation and suspense was making him sweat for he did not know what would happen next.

Suddenly, just as his hand grazed the surprisingly smooth surface of the meteorite, the visibly built up energy exploded outward; washing over the five students in a frenzy of colors.

But I do know one thing…

The boy from seat 25 recovered first, since he was the farthest away, and rushed towards the others. Seeing that they were okay, he burst out laughing. After a minute or so, he looked up to see three questioning faces, and one irritated face.

"Hehe, it's just, haha, I-I didn't know y-you could make meteors orgasm! Hahahahehehe!" he laughed as two others joined in.

As the laughter died down, so did the adrenaline from the situation. Feeling the pain from being thrown like a ragdoll, the students sat down, hoping to ease the pain for a little bit. Tired and aching, they did not notice their eyes change colors as the world dimmed and darkness took a hold on them.

When the time comes…

It'll be Our story to tell...