Chapter 1



His eyes opened to just be blinded by the insanely bright rays of light entering from the window to his right. He tried to remember what happened as he became more aware to the unfamiliar place he was in. Then it hit him. He was in the medic wing of the school. He must've been injured recently but didn't remember when. He thought for a few moments and it came to him.

"The meteorite!" The boy gasped out as his brain registered he had a migraine.

The meteorite had crashed into the building as he and the others were evacuating the rest of the students. His head throbbed in pain as the boy stifled a moan and lied back down to rest some more; the day's events taking a toll on his body. As he was about to close his eyes, he heard a groan come from his left side. Curiosity getting the better of him, he decided to ask who it was.

"Who's there?"

"Solon, is that you? It's me, Rosalind"

"Rosa?" pictures of Rosalind and the others being blown back from the energy burst ran through his mind. "Are you alright? You didn't injure anything did you?"

"I'm fine, just a little sore and I can't open my eyes or else my migraine will become worse. What about yourself?"

"I'm fine, although I have the same things you have."

"That's a relief, I wouldn't know what I would do if something bad happened to you… to anyone." Rosalind said, stammering out the last part.

"I know what you mean; I would feel bad if anything happened to anyone" Solon said not getting the underlying meaning.

"Yeah, that's what I meant." Rosalind couldn't help but feel dejected that Solon didn't catch the double meaning. 'Is he really that dense?'

"Oh please just make out! The tension is killing me!" a voice from across the room sounded.

Startled, Rosalind looked down, embarrassed, and Solon whipped his head at the sound of the noise not knowing why he felt irritated at the moment.

'Why do I feel irritated?' Solon thought before realizing who just spoke. "Isaac, you injured?"

"Nah man, just a little sensitive to light."

"Really? We have migraines too." Solon said contemplatively. 'What are the odds that three of us have migraines after the same incident?'

"And how, per se, are we to get rid of these migraines if your yappin' makes it worse!" as if a button was pressed, an inward groan sounded between the people who were awake.

Karla was never a morning person; in fact, she was never an anytime person to begin with. So hearing her bitch and complain was inevitable. It was also inevitable that when one talks, so does the other. And so the usual banter proceeded.

"And I was having such a nice dream too; tell me Karla, do you even have a fuse to reach the end of?"

"Oh shut it Dillon! I neither have the time nor inclination to put up with your shit right now!" Karla said grumpily, starting to throw a tantrum. "My body aches, my head hurts, and I probably am not first in class anymore!"

"You know, our seat numbers doesn't involve our place in class, if it did, I would be dead last!"

"Shut it Isaac." Karla spoke warningly.

"Yes Ma'am." Isaac said rather meekly as if he was afraid she would bite his head off. 'She probably would'

Just then, before the argument could get any further, the sound of running footsteps echoed just outside of the door. A moment later, the door swung open to reveal a slightly younger girl in a white hooded robe with the hood down.

"Sis! Everyone, you're awake. Oh I was so scared when I found you in the collapsed building. Thankfully nothing seemed to be broken, but I rushed you guys over to the third wing hospital just in case. You guys aren't hurt, are you? Why are all your eyes closed?" Gasping as if divine realization struck her, the continued. "You got blinded haven't you? Oh no! The wood splinters! One probably hit you in the eye! Quick, tell me how many fingers am I holding up? Or better yet, how many fingers does it sound like I'm holding up? Gah! My sister is blind for the rest of her life! What would mom say?! I don't know how to handle this situation! What if…"

"Katherine Violet Hollingberry, stop ranting this instant." Rosalind said in a demanding tone that quickly switched to her usual kind tone. "We are fine. Our eyes are just a bit sensitive to the light right now, so we shut them to not feel pain."

"But why would your eyes hurt? It's nighttime and the lights are off…"

Although the room was silent for the next few seconds, one could imagine the sound of a collective face palm echo throughout the cavernous hallways of the hospital. Slowly, Solon started to open his eyes, hoping for the best. His eyes opened all the way, curiously glancing around the room for the first time.

The hospital room was quite plain, but big. It had a total of six beds, one of which was unoccupied. Each bed was arranged so that the person's head was towards the wall. There was a small table between each bed to place flowers or personal items. He noticed he was on the bed closest to the window, and Rosalind was to the left of him. In front of her, across the room, was Karla; who was flanked on the left and right by Isaac and Dillon respectively. Solon looked at the open window to his right and saw that it was in fact night time. The lamp to his left turned on.

'Probably Rosa's doing' Solon thought.

Turning to face to his left, Solon's and Rosalind's eyes connected with each other for a brief moment. What they saw shocked her. Gasping in shock, Rosalind covered her mouth with her hand and steadied herself.

"Solon, your eyes!" Slightly taken aback, Rosalind asked, "What happened to your eyes? I thought they were brown, not orange?"

"What are you talking about?" Solon asked curiously.

Turning back to his right, Solon closed the window to look at his reflection in the glass. As his reflection stared back at him, a collective gasp could be heard from the other four occupants in the large hospital room. Instead of the typical brown eyes that were self-considered as the most boring in the class, a piercing sharp orange met his gaze. In shock, a flash of vivid light blue caught Solon's eye. Turning around, Solon was surprised at what he saw.

"Rosa, your eyes changed color too!"

Rosalind jumped in surprise as her concentration was broken. She turned to the window to see what he was talking about, and true to his word, her eyes were not the usual grey color that did not stand out against her long, shiny, inky black hair. Instead, it was a vivid light blue; the kind that made her eyes pop against her hair. They turned and stared into each other's eyes, transfixed with the vividness and intensity of their gaze. Their eyes were alluring as Solon and Rosalind inched closer to each other.

"I don't think you're the only ones having weird eye things happening to them." Dillon stated rather blatantly.

"Dude, ixnay on the ockblockcay!" Isaac whispered loudly towards Dillon.

"Oh man! Dude, Solon, I'm so sorry! Didn't mean to, I swear! But I thought this was important since even our eyes changed." Dillon frantically summarized as Solon seemed to grow more irritated and Rosalind's blush deepened.

"Oh my gods look at this! My Eyes! My beautiful hazel eyes are now an ugly red! Now everyone will think I'm a demon or something!" the hysterical sobs of Karla rang throughout.

"Man, she must be really mad. I mean, she's seeing red!" Isaac and Dillon burst with a fit of laughter; only to get huge bumps on their heads from Karla's outstretched fists.

"Sis?" Katherine asked with a pleading look, "Can I get cool eyes too? I want mine in pink!"

Sighing in exasperation, Rosalind looks at Katherine. "Kat, we don't know if these mutations are harmful to us yet. We don't even know when this started."

"The meteorite"

Everyone turned towards Solon with a questioning look on their faces. The meteorite had been the last thing on their mind. Now, it seemed, everyone had the same question; what did the meteorite do to them?

"When the meteorite crashed into the building, it was glowing in different colors, but the last thing I remember was touching it right before we got knocked out by a huge blast." Solon pondered this for a second before Katherine decided to speak up.

"Wait, glowing in different colors? When I found you by that thing, it was a plain old grey rock. I didn't see no colors."

"The meteorite was completely grey?"

"Yep, grey as the stone walkway outside."

"I don't know about you guys, but having a meteor crash by us left me bushed." Stifling a yawn, Isaac decided to make his opinion known. "Do you think this investigation can wait until tomorrow?"

"I guess we can. I'm pretty tired too, and it's getting late. Don't forget, we still need to attend classes tomorrow." Solon mentioned as they positioned their bodies for sleeping.

"I gotta stay here and work the shift tonight. It's required for students of the medic wing of the school to work at a hospital once a week. I'll see you in the morning sis." Katherine then began to walk out of the room and down the hall.

"Solon?" Rosalind asked worriedly

"Yes Rosa" Solon replied in a tired whisper.

"What do you think is going to happen to us? I mean, with the whole meteorite thing and the eyes?"

"I don't know Rosa, but I have a feeling this isn't the last time we will be in the hospital; that's for sure"

Solon's comment seemed to linger in the air as everyone quieted down and entered into a fitful night of dreamless sleep.