"Are you serious, Brooke?! We need cups?" Laughed a teenage girl loudly. "Why do we never remember cups?!"

The nineteen year old walked down the sprawling busy streets of New York City talking on her cell to one of her best friends, without a care in the world. "Of course I'll pick some up. There's that drug store around the corner from your apartment." She continued walking her head held high flashing mobs of people her retro updo and vintage clothes. "Where's Bozie when you need him?" She chuckled into the phone. She continued walking past the crowded concert hall her neon high-tops guiding her. "The show was ahmazing!" She squealed into the phone. "I've seen them, like, a million times but they're still soo amazing!" She laughed. "Are Rusty and Kevin there?" Her baggy shirt continued to fall down her shoulder as she watched people crowd around five young men. Half of her wanted to stop and talk with them but the other half, her realistic side, continued down the darkened street towards her friends. "Really?! I can't wait to see them!"

She entered the drug store her many bangles clinking as she walked the aisles. Looking through the shelves she tugged at her mini-skirt as her neon baggy shirt floated around her. Scouring the shelves for cups she was stopped by her phone going off. Pulling her phone out of her bag she found a text message waiting for her.

~Hey, hurry up! We got beer and we're ready to party down!~ She smiled at Rusty's text; replying quickly she continued down the aisle. Spotting the largest cup set she stooped to her knees to grab them. Quickly she rose up and was knocked back to the ground. "What the Hell?" she whispered.

"Oh! I'm so sorry, man!" She looked up to see a young man bending over her. She tilted her head and focused, she knew this man. "Here, let me help you up." He offered his hand and she took it. He pulled her up and steadied her. "Are you okay?" he asked worriedly as he watched her smooth out her outfit and hair.

"Um, yeah…" Looking around her. The man stooped and picked up the cups she had dropped taking in her appearance as he stood back up.

"Nice kicks." He commented, staring at her hair in fascination.

"Thanks!" She smiled, taking the cups from him.

"Not to be rude, but… what's with the outfit and hair." He asked suddenly, pointing to her hair.

She looked up in confusion. "Oh!" She laughed. "It's for 80's night." She smiled.

"80's Night?..." He trailed off.

"Yes! 2nd annual 80's night!" She nearly screamed in excitement.

The man laughed. "What does 80's Night entail?"

"It's one night where we listen to bad 80's music, dress up in what we think is 80's clothes, drink beer, play drinking games, and depending on who's there some making out and some fighting." She laughed.

"Do you get trashed?"

"Of course!" She smiled.

"Sounds like fun." He laughed again, scratching at the back of his neck.

"Oh, it is!" She smiled. "Except, this year we're stuck in a stuffy apartment while it's freezing outside."

"You're not from around here?" He asked curiously, leaning against the self.

She laughed. "Oh, no. I'm from Indiana. Our friend Brooke lives here trying to get in the modeling business. So, we're just visiting. And first time we did 80's night it was summer time."

"Interesting. Are you in school?"

"Yeah. I'm a freshman at Indiana University South Bend, IUSB." She answered, pulling at her skirt once again.

"Spring Break?" He asked instantly.

She giggled. "Yeah."

He smiled brightly. "Yeah, I'm just visiting too. I'm from Arizona."

"Where do you go next?" She asked, peering at the stack of plates next to her.

He gave her a confused stare before figuring out what she meant. "North Carolina. You a fan?"

Looking up shyly she nodded. "I was just at your show."

Smiling he asked, "How'd we do?"

"Amazing as usual!"

"Haha thanks." He grinned brightly.

Suddenly a loud ringing came from her purse.

"Sorry." She shrugged helplessly, answering her phone.

"Brooke, hey, what's up?" She asked looking down at her feet. "I'm on my way." She looked up to the man suddenly. "Hey, can I invite a few more people?" She continued to hold his gaze as she listened to her friend. "They're over-age." She smiled slightly. "Okay. Thanks! Bye!" She hung up the phone and put it back into her phone.

Looking back at her new friend she asked, "What are you doing tonight?"

He chuckled, "Maybe going back in time. You?"

She grinned brightly. "Same here."