We stand here now as not only a group of people who just happened to go to all of the same classes but as a strong group of friends who have shared experiences joyous and sorrowful both together Now it is time for us to physically part ways although we will never truly leave each others hearts How, one may ask is that possible, after years apart Simple, I say a group as strong as ours will never fall even in old age and death this that is now being placed upon you although it may appear to be only thread, is steel and will never break or come apart there are seven different strands, one for each of us now, swear to stand by each other for all eternity all say "Aye"

"Aye", six other voices echoed. A small match was brought around, one by one sealing each bracelet. After the last one was sealed, seven eighteen-year-olds rose and quietly walked out of the room.