I feel the Boy and I's story also revolves around his sister, who I despise at this point. I think it's important for the whole story with her to be explained.

So we'll begin with Sister becomes friends with Best Friend. Best Friend talks often about Sister. Sometimes good things, sometimes bad. Sister has a tendency to take the boys Best Friend tells her she likes and date them, then make out with them in front of her. I tell Best Friend to dump Sister. She doesn't listen.

On Best Friend's birthday, she invites Sister and I over. We get on well. My only issue with her is that she cuts herself, but there's nothing I can do about that. I go to school the next day and I honestly expect that we're friends now. She does not think the same. We never speak again. She becomes irrelevant to me.

Then it's 9th grade, and Best Friend is friends with Sister yet again. Best Friend calls and Sister "wants me to come over her house". I go for Best Friend and for the Boy. We have a relatively good time. I go home and tweet about how dumb she is (she is). Sister doesn't talk to me in school, but I don't get upset. For one thing, because we have no classes together and no opportunities to talk. Also because I'm still pretty wary of her.

The next weekend, Sister wants me over again. I go, Best Friend and Sister's friend go. The Boy is out bowling. I cry silently to myself as I wasted my time here. Sister has a bunch of older guys over. I'm miserable the whole time, while Sister and her friend act like sluts for the older boys.

We still get on pretty well after the boys leave. I go home and tweet about how dumb she is. I go to school and Best Friend approaches me. Sister found my twitter and is very upset that I tweeted about how dumb she is. I roll my eyes. I spend two nights at her house and already I'm in her bullshit "I love you now I don't" rollercoaster.

I write her a letter. In the letter I bluntly state that what I did was justified and tell her that she can either be my friend or not, it's her decision. I say "I'm not putting up with your bullshit." She tells Best Friend that she is "offended" by the letter and that it was "rude" (I'll have you know that I can be very offensive and rude and that letter was nice coming from me).

I don't really care. I go home and tweet about how dumb she is. I take a nap and wake up to her tweeting me. "I'm talking to you on here because this is the only way I can. You're right, I'm really overdramatic and you're hilariously rude. Your note made me giggle, let's be friends."

I sigh and shake my head. I send her a "ok?" and then I consider the case closed.

Then next week Sister starts a bunch of bullshit with Best Friend. Now let me tell you, Sister can do whatever she wants to me, but when she goes for Best Friend, that's a whole new fucking story. Best Friend is the sweetest person on the planet. She's never done anything to hurt anybody. She can be annoying, but I love her to death.

Let me give you a run down on her bullshit with Best Friend. Sister and her two friends had all licked each other's vaginas. Sister and one of the friends confirmed this and talked about it in front of Best Friend and I when we were over Sister's house.

It gets out and Sister and her friend pretend it's a rumor and that Best Friend started it. Best Friend would never do anything like that. Sister goes around to people that Best Friend likes, the boy she's "in love" with, and tells them that Best Friend started this "rumor" about her. She causes Best Friend to cry in class more than twice.

I'm finally fed up with watching my friend cry on the bus ride home and I go to the school guidance counselor. The man they send me to claims this "doesn't fit their description of bullying", I fight the urge to punch him. He tells another counselor who calls down Best Friend and Sister. Sister denies doing everything and the counselor takes Best Friend's side.

Everything is basically resolved but Sister and I pretty much hate each other now. Or at least, I hate Sister and I kind of hope she doesn't hate me as much as I hate her.

I'm not concerned about my relationship with Sister. I'm concerned with my relationship with Sister affecting my (non-existent) relationship with the Boy.