Skirmish at Red Plains

The riflemen Zachary's found themselves defending the red plains which had a vital copper mine. They were only three-hundred strong against a force that was five-hundred strong goblins who were armed with spears. The sound of gunfire filled the air as the volley felled fifty goblins. The Zachary riflemen champion who was a fifteen year old Zachary Marksman fired his pistol as it hit a goblin in the head the goblin fell lifeless to the ground. A seven year old Zachary was violently hit with a short spear through the chest and two six year old Zachary's began to panic and fire with their heads down a eight year old Zachary soon followed. It was what the championed feared the goblin's were in close combat range. "Zachary's Equip bayonets" Shouted the Zachary Marksman many began Zachary's began to fumble with the bayonets and frantically trying to equip the blade. A goblin jumped over the dugout and had his spear pointed at the Marksman. The Zachary Champion already had his cutlass out and easily deflected the savage goblins blow the Zachary Champion wasting no time shot the off guard goblin in the head the goblins head exploded like a melon. A goblin hit a seven year old Zachary in the arm with his spear the seven year old Zachary screamed and somehow in a desperate attempt fired his rifle in the chest of his attackers killing it. Two five year old Zachary's drove their bayonets through a goblins chest the first five year old got his blade out easily the second one had trouble violently trying to make the blade come out the second one was not lucky as felt a sharp pain in his side blood poured out and the five year old fell the ground. The Zachary Champion continued to fight even with the losses they still fought on the trench was now filled with the bodies of Zachary's and Goblins alike the Champion saw a eleven year old Zachary lock bayonets with a goblin the goblin won the match his spear slashing the eleven year old Zachary in the neck the Zachary was trying to stop the blood from spurting from his neck. The Zachary Banner Carrier was about to fall to the ground the Zachary nearest to him killed the goblin near the standard and proudly took the flag ignoring to original banner carrier such was the way of the Zachary Empire your city state flag was more important then your own life. Finally the goblin's were losing numbers and began to flee however the Militia of Red Plains showed their bravery long enough for the skirmishers to secretly sneak up to the forest entrance thus ensuring that no goblin was left alive. Soon the Zachary Champion fired his psitol in the air shouting " In the name of the Red Plains and the Zachary Empire we have won the day". Even wounded Zachary's roared in triumphant for the day was theirs.