Who am I to feel pain

When I know you've felt more?

Is it so wrong to hurt?

Who am I to feel neglected

When I have all the love I need?

Can you even hear me?

Who am I to feel sorrow

When you grieve more than I?

It's okay. I'm alright.

Who am I to feel angry

When I know you're only trying to help?

I understand. Don't worry about it.

Who am I to hate myself

When I have you there to love me?

You don't need to worry about me. I'm confident in myself.

Who am I to be hungry

When so many have starved?

Yeah, I got enough. Thanks.

Who am I to be lonely

When I have my friends and family?

I'm fine. Just a little tired, really.

Who am I to have fears

When they get in the way of yours?

Hey, don't worry. I'll protect you.

Who am I to want something

When you're given me so much already?

No, I'm good. Thanks for asking.

Who am I to lie to you

When I can see you're lying to yourself?

Everything will work out. It'll be fine.

Who am I to smile at you

When clearly, I'm crying inside?

Do you even notice?

Who am I to feel self-pity

When my life is falling apart, but yours is worse?

Why won't you help me?

Do you even care?

In the end, I am me,

Just a child – I know nothing.

I am me. I am nothing.