Music Box

I here it. It's far, far away from my ears

Its so very distant

But I here it.

It's a melody, a music box

I cant sing it, I can repeat it

No one but me heres it

All the time

I love it

But I want it

And then there's you

I cant see your face clearly

But your there

In my mind

A sweet smile

A warm hug

Your waiting for me

I have to get to you

I don't know your name

Your face

Your age

Were you live

Or who you are

And worst of all…

I don't even know if you exist

Like the music box your so far away

In a place I cant reach

Your blue eyes

That's all I see

Your waiting for me

Your the only one who will ever love me

Ever hug me

Ever kiss me

Only you understand me

I'm lonely

And your lonely too

Lets be lonely together

You have the bandage to heal my darkness

I have the key to unlock your heart

You will accept her

The girl who was me

You will accept me

Who is a hologram

I'm not real

Still your there for me

Your waiting for me

Just like the music box…

So did you like that? If i get enough amount of reviews that Im hoping for Ill turn it into a story.