drink this, they said
it'll make you feel (better) again

she, in turn, was tired
losin h.o.p.e
all hope was d.y.i.n.g
his fiery kiss left rope burns on her lips
when he chose death over her,
she wanted nothing more than to d i e

so she drank (a little too) willingly
feeling her body crumple over
but (s)he didn't care about her anymore,
so what did it matter?

intoxicated, barely alive,
she was flung down the rabbit hole,
where the rabbit told her she was very late
for a very important date,
she took his hand and ignored the sinister smile
of the Cheshire cat in the corner

so she went to the mad tea party
and knocked over the teapots
(she always cried over the same spilt milk)

the mad hatter lived up to his name
she fucked him on the dining table
even though she was still so n.u.m.b

she even laughed when the queen of hearts
stabbed her with a sickening smile
thinking she could finally decompose

and she waited to wake up
but it was not a dream,
no matter how badly
she wished it was.

(M)alice was here to stay