My love is strong and tall like an oak

His legs are thick tree trunks

A chest like a boulder holds his heart

And his shoulders are broad enough to hold the weight of the world

His arms are sculpted out of marble with the upmost care

But all of this is nothing compared to his mesmerizing face

Full of youthful innocence

Yet in his shining hazel eyes you can see signs of pain once suffered

But this does nothing to quench the intensity in those dark lashed eyes

There are no lines on his noble brow

But he is not unwise

His lips are full

Just asking to kiss and be kissed

And when they stretch into a smile they reveal brilliant white teeth

Such a pure happy smile with a touch of mischief

The way his eyes bore into my soul thrills and scares me

When he grins at me my heart stops

For who am I to be blessed with his love

I am not worthy of the passion that pours from his eyes when he looks into mine

Yet he claims he is the lucky one

He marvels at the fact he has me

My love is blind

He cannot see how beautiful he is

How perfect in all his imperfections

How I am totally undone by him

I love him with all of my heart

All of my soul

And he loves me

Yet he thinks he is the luck oneā€¦