Chances are if you did not already know the town was there, you were unlikely to ever find it. It was far from any major city and its single claim to modern industrialization resided as the now abandoned train station. The town was called Chuparosa, or Hummingbird. Local legend tells that the founders named it that in the hopes that it would give the location a more welcoming sound. In truth the town was so hot and dry that the only plants that grew were wild cacti and the occasional weed or dry bush. Flowers with nectar did not find the place suitable, and therefore neither did hummingbirds.

It could be described as a town lost in time. Majority of the inhabitants did not have electricity and simply lived off of the earth. They ate only starchy root plants or the cattle that grazed on the nearby hill. The people of Chuparosa were as old fashioned as their town. They were superstitious in nature and often lived by the rise and fall of the sun each day.

Almost as rare as hummingbirds in Chuparosa were young women. Not that they did not exist, just that they were often locked up in the cool clay houses and rarely left until they were quickly and quietly wed in the town's small chapel. The men of Chuparosa were especially protective of their daughters and sisters, as any man would be. The difference is that the men of this town had good reason.

Chuparosa was not famous for many things, as many did not know of its existence. One thing it was most assuredly known for was its disappearances. The young unwed women were often the victims of a terrible unknown plague and so their father's kept them locked up indoors as if this could spare them from the black death.

Many of the missing young women could be explained by the youthful desire to run away from such a small place. Most of the disappearances however, could not be explained at all. The women simply wandered out of their houses in the middle of the night and never returned home alive.

Many years before the town had been a gateway to the west. When the town officials were approached with the idea of building a railway station as a stopping point along the way to the western oceanside towns, they eagerly agreed. A wealthy man from the east funded the construction and came to Chuparosa to see it done. There he fell in love with a beautiful local woman. She was a sweet, soft spoken girl who trusted too easily and as the town would later learn, was also vengeful.

In those times weddings were a thing of celebration in Chuparosa and the couple agreed to host a grand festival for the occasion. The night of the event a strange man came to town. He was an unseemly man with eyes like shiny black coals and wiry hair that stuck out as if it had been glued to his head. He carried with him a jar of black tar, but never spoke.

The following morning the newlywed couple was found dead in their marriage bed. They were still wearing their wedding attire and the young bride had died still clutching her new husband's body in her arms as if he had died first and she had held him for hours, waiting for the plague to take her too. No cause of death was ever discovered but their stomachs were filled with the black liquid.

The station was never completed and the strange man with wet black eyes was never seen again. Many years later young unwed women began to disappear from Chuparosa. They would turn up in the desert days later with black tar leaking from their orifices and full in their sotmachs. It is said that the night before a girl disappears a woman is seen wandering around the town. The woman hides her leaking black face behind a veil of white lace. Any young girl who leaves her home on a night where the bride has been spotted, never returns home. She is found days later with her eyes leaking black tears and her life taken from her body. The cause of death is never certain, but Chuparosa calls her The Widow.


Mibba is holding a Halloween contest so I decided to join in. I wrote two short stories for it. They're supposed to be only 500 words. I went over for this one but the one I'm submitting to them has been shortened dramatically. :/

Either way I'm a fan of urban legends so I decided to create my own. I was inspired by the song and video of the same name by The Mars Volta. It's a seriously good song. You need to listen to it. It's one of my top faves easily.

Well I hope it's creepy enough for the contest and for you lot. :)