I can see the stage from here.
Not many can. Just me, my brothers (or those left of them), and the others who agreed to follow the Spirit's will.
They're setting up. I don't mean building; the stage has long since been finished.
Well, long being two days ago. We only started a week before that, and it's got brick walls.

I hope that Joey doesn't worry too much. That's my job, and besides, those headphones are the best anyone could have gotten him; they'll give him an accurate level, and he's got his amp right there if it's not right when we start.
Oh, amp! Why couldn't I be given my own somehow? I mean -I do- but I can't set the levels! What if it's too low and the People can't hear the words? That's the most important part, the words!

Ah. Her. She can set the level.
Why? Why did she have to get involved in all this? I just wanted her to be safe and sheltered like the ones back in Alto Palo. They're safe even from this crime, so why couldn't she be THERE?

Shut up. You're only making yourself nervous.
Hah. "Stage fright." They -the older ones- have used the term in the context of people who would get nervous singing, back when they could.
Now I am -no, we all are- just minutes away from being criminals.

I hope Mr. Leonard has a good handle on his job. If he can't keep up his end of the plan, then we'll all be carted away before the second verse starts.
Argh! How does it start?! "listen to" can't be it, that's how the song begins.

Lord, please... help me. I don't, and can't, know if I can do this, but this is Your will, so... You'd better make it work!

Heh. I think He smiled.
Well, let's do this.

Oh, wait. Thank the pagans at the back door.
They may not believe in God, but Revan and Anthony are still standing there, willing to fight the law to make music happen again.
If there's one request I'm happy to grant them, it's that they can hear music -how was it called?- "live" in their lifetime.

Their lifetime. Mine. Oh, God, a whole generation has been raised with this curse! I know NOBODY younger than Wyatt, who smiles upon us with You, who can even remember hearing the glory and power of it!

You gave man such a gift, and now men have risen up and have taken it from us.

That's right. Grip that mic firmly!

Woah. And the hand-railing, too.
Gosh, I'm such a klutz.
Steep stairs, man. I guess that's how they got it to fit in this tiny block.

Well, Daniel looks ready.
Thank You for giving him that guitar. It's been so long for him, and father's hands hadn't the skill to make one anymore.

Ah, and Joey too! Well done.
I hope they'll hear you.
I believe they will.

And -Oh, man. Oh, man, oh, man.
I feel for ya', nephew. Having to sit still and not pound those things must be killing you.
Just don't get killed, okay?

"Five minutes, thank you!" Just like in drama class.
Hey, where's that really quiet guy? The lead, where's the lead?
Yeah, I don't even remember his name, but I still care. We need him, too, even if he won't think that much of hims-
Okay, he's here.

It's time.
I wonder what they'll look like when the band lands. Or even before when Joey starts on the-

She's cut the curtain, and...
There he goes.

Oh! That sound!
I- I can see them out there! Their faces! They can FEEL it too!
Oh, begin.

"Listen to our declaration"
"Listen to our testament"

Yes, listen. For Christ's sake -LITERALLY- and for yours, listen!

"We've been given a revelation"
You bet'cha we have.
"We're sure of where we stand"

"So let the banner be unfurled"
"We've found the Light of Hope in a DYING world"

It's been there all along, people. Can the power of music -God's music- tell you that?

"Hear the myth of modern man"
"'You're the god of your own land'"
As if you could think that honestly. You only do because you don't know how much has been taken from you.
NO. Don't even think about crying now, man. You've got a song to sing.

"They call you weak -a spineless fool-"
"Say you've given up your right to rule"
Over what? Earth? Something so fleeting?

"But I have been to the land of me"
"And I know I was never free"
Anything self-empowering (or really, that could lead to any deity) has been taken from us. How could we say we are free?

"Freedom came when I GAVE IT ALL AWAY!"
And it was so easy when I finally did-

"That's why I call it independence day"
"Call it independence day"

"Let the rockets blaze across the sky"
"Raise the flag of faith up high"
They may kill me, but they can't stop this now. It's not our will.
"Let the doubters call it what they may"
Not to us, Oh, Lord.


Oh, my Lord- You... You made this so powerful.
I don't... don't know if I can hold onto it.

What- So many people!
They all... feel it. Is it just the power of the song, or have you come down to us?

"The world can crown another hundred kings"
They have.
"But I believe in better dreams"
Beat, little guy. Just like we practiced.

"They may call it slavery"
No! Don't let yourselves loose track! Focus, guys!
"But the biggest chain I knew was me"
Track... keep it like we practiced underground.
"So let the idols tumble down"
"The walls of lies crumble to the ground"
They can't keep you from feeling this... this music. They can't erase the memory of what it is.

"I know where salvation can be found"
In the maker of this power.

Down... Down!... DOWN, DOWN, DOWN!

"That's why I call it independence day"
"Call it independence day"
No way... is that old guy out there... singing with us? Could he still remember this song?

"Let the rockets blaze across the sky"
"Raise the flag of faith up high"
Yeah, he is. Good Lord, does music stay in the minds of man that strongly?
"Let the doubters call it what they may"

Gaaaa- ah...no. Please no. I-
They're here already? There's no way we'll finish it, not when-
Oh, it hurts! Is this what dad was talking about when he mentioned "guns"?

What? No! Get back! Don't be up here, you'll just get hurt like me!
Yeah, just like you. Always that shoulder. Maybe... naah. I'll tell you later, when we're in jail... or above, okay?
And... thank you. Just don't get hurt by those guns, or we'll stain the stage.

Well, it was supposed to be funny.

Will you... sing with me? Thank you!
Daniel! Get over here and help us sing!

"So join in the celebration"
"It's the birth of a holy nation"
"As people of light we are proud to say"
That we can't deny our God.
That we won't renounce our faith.
That we don't shirk our duty as Christians.