Okay this is written by my little brother and he really wanted me to post this :) He's in 7th grade right now and personally I think this is pretty good. So please R&R K? Thanks :)

My name is Justin Tailbird and this is the story of when my life changed forever. It was a cloudy morning, as I was walking down the street when, a black minivan started driving toward me at a blazing speed. It stopped in front of me driving on to the sidewalk. The world was completely still for half a second when, the door opened and a man with a gun stepped out and pointed it at my stomach. I heard the gun fire but, there was no blood. I looked down to see a tranquilizer dart in my gut. Then everything went darker than a black hole.

When I arose I was laying down in a pit of darkness. Not a pit I should say, but maybe a box. Yeah a black box. I was totally confined whatever direction I tried to move, I would hit a metal wall. I had to stay crouched down because the roof was very low. I was sitting trying to think of a way out when a lady's voice that was coming from the inside my box, "You may now leave your containment." As soon as the lady finished her statement my box opened. I stepped out of the roof of the box and looked around. I was, wait no WE were in an emerald forest around noon I was not alone. I looked around and there were 34 other kids around the same age that I am, 12. I started walking toward the center of the field when another voice said, "Let the slaughter begin!" A bunch of people ran into the center and I decided to do what they were doing.

We all ran to the center when I tripped over something. "A sword!" I thought to myself. Then I ran off into the woods. I started running around like a roadrunner. Swerving left and right, I just kept running toward the edge of the forest. Until I saw a tree the largest tree in the forest probably. I walked around the tree a couple of times until I found a good place to start climbing. It was the hardest climb of my life. It was a never ending cycle, hand up foot up, hand up foot up. After what felt like an eternity, I reached the top. At the top there was a house made of bamboo. Even with a door and windows. I walked through to see a guy and a girl eating meat. They stared at me with eyes wide open. I pulled out my sword faster than they could pull out they're bows. I had them cornered. The girl put out a piece of meat on the table and backed away quickly. I looked at them and at the meet and slowly picked it up. We all knew we had to become allies. I said, "My name's Justin," holding out my hand. The guy shook my hand and said, "My name is Hector, and this is Gwen," Gwen was still staring at me like I was a monster. I stared back and said," Okay… um, nice house you have here." "Thanks," Hector said. "Would you like to help us gather food?" Gwen asked, getting to the point. "Sure," I said.

The next day when we went out to look for food we saw a giant wave of water that was taller than our tree and was heading right toward us." Holy crap," I said. "This way," Hector yelled. Gwen and I ran after him. Hector then pressed a button that released an elevator, "C'mon," He yelled. He pressed a button and we shot up like a rocket going into the sky. And about 3 seconds later we were higher than the wave and safe from harm. "That was close," I said. And I looked over at Hector and Gwen and they had a look of terror on their faces. I was confused, we were safe but they looked terrified. Then I realized it we were probably the only three left in the forest. "Okay let's go back down," I pressed the button and we returned to ground level. I didn't bother going back to the tree house because we all knew it was destroyed. Hector had a psychopathic look on his face like he was going to kill me. The next thing I knew Hector tried to kill me with a knife.

He was slashing with speed and ferocity, but I was faster I dodged every swipe. But he was slow enough to let me pull my sword out. He then had a speed boost and was about to hit me when Gwen hit her blade with his. She yelled, "Stop this Hector!" He then shoved her aside and started to attack me. Our blades clashed so hard that you could hear the metal hit miles away. This kept going on for what seemed like an eternity. Then I turned on the gas and started attacking him like a madman. I finally knocked him down and something black picked him up with blinding speed and as fast as it came it left.

I was terrified. First my new friend tried to kill me then, that black thing took him away. I looked over at Gwen. She had a shocked look on her face then, started breaking down into tears. I came next to her and whispered, "Hey, it's going to be okay," She looked at me then started playing with her black hair. "I know she said, I'm going to be okay," I could tell she wasn't okay. Her friend whom she's probably known for forever had been taken. I helped her up off the ground and started to walk. We walked for about fifteen minutes then we heard Hector's screams in the distance. We looked at each other than we ran toward the direction of the scream.

When we arrived we saw a tall black, slim creature standing over him. We stared then charged at full speed. I swung my sword at his arm and Gwen tried to stab him in the neck. We looked at the creature for a while but it didn't look fazed. But we couldn't tell any way because his face was totally white with no eyes, mouth, and no ears. We charged another time and this time started slashing as a team. When I slashed she did, when she hacked I did. We then knew the battle was over because as it was falling down,I stabbed it in the head.

Gwen and I started floating and we were teleported. When my eyes were open I was standing in the same place the men kidnapped me. But Gwen was not there.