Bardock Shirogane's Revival


2000 years ago, a man by the name of Bardock Shirogane rosed up the ranks of the light magic users as a fierce soldier and destroyed Emperor Doel Dellogic of the Forbidden Magic Users while sacrificing his own life in battle as fulfilling the ancient Delic prophecy handed down from one generation of Cycle Keys to the next. Although the prophecy was fulfilled, the down-side of Bardock's actions resulted in the slow decline of both the light and forbidden magic users until only Bardock and Emperor Doel's own descendents remained. But some sacrifices must be made in order for good and peace to be obtained…

Chapter 1 - Scene 1 - Present day - Grand Library of Galbadia :

After a long drawn out war, two siblings search for answers in ancient history books and records to find a way to turn the tide of war against Lord Mephis Divulsion.

"Hey Onisaan! Take a look at this"

Starlet says to her brother who is several paces beside her, looking through old books himself.

Laguna goes to her and looks at what she had found on the book shelves; the book was old and dusty from years of non usage and the looks of where they found it was miracously still in one piece. He reads over what she had found and is stunned of the discovery she makes.

"Hmmm…It's not surprising as it's a known fact that many Cycle Spheres exist in this world whether they are dormant or just hidden",

Laguna says, after reading over the scriptures in the book. Laguna than points in the book and reads the words aloud,

"After his cataclysmic battle during the Great War, we laid to rest the great one within a tomb hidden from mortal eyes. To keep his tomb secret so no harm may come to him, we erased all knowledge of his existence except into these records. He is unlike no other Cycle Key before him. If such darkness were to ever engulf the world once more, precautions must be made to prevent his destruction or worse as he is the only one capable of such great power and, if in the wrong hands, could bring the inevitable end of the world. To ensure that he is never found, we placed six false tombs all across the Empire and within each false tomb lies a piece of the key that only a Cycle Key can obtain."

After finishing reading the scripture, Laguna looked at Starlet with eyes of determination as well as with a smile on his face. Then Starlet said in a happy tone,

"Finally, we can end this ceaseless war."

Her voice then changed as thoughts of Revan entered her mind and with a sigh, spoke…

"If only Revan were here to see this…"

Her brother rubbed her back gently as she became saddened.

"I know how much you miss that man, Starlet. Revan wouldn't have left us without good reason to. But now that we have what came here for, he wouldn't want us to delay in our search for this man. Let's go. We must prepare for the journey."

With those words, Laguna parted from his sister's side and headed for the library's damaged double doors that lead outside to the dusty ruined city that was once the great Galbadian capital.

Starlet slightly gripped at her chest. She took a deep breath and remembered;

"Starlet…don't worry…I'll always be here."

She believed what Revan said to her and she sighed. She began to wonder if the time for her sacrifice was coming soon as well. She felt the burden growing heavier but she had prepared herself for this for awhile now. She had to become stronger, she had people to protect, a land to serve. She slowly regained her composure before grabbing the tome and following her older brother.