Bardock's Revival

Chapter 1 - Scene 4 - Along a country road on the outskirts of Galbadia City

Later down the road, Laguna and Starlet have begun their journey to the first Cycle Sphere Temple. As they were walking, Laguna reads into the ancient book they found in the library in search for information on the location of the first temple. Laguna continuously glances into the book, flipping the pages in the book. Starlet looks back, who is obviously a good ways ahead of him, wondering why her brother has fallen behind.

"Laguna, you're falling behind! Can you not read that when we take a break? I mean, we are gonna be stopping in a bit."

Laguna continuously reads on when a page in the tome catches his attention. He then reads the passage out loud for Starlet to hear.

"The temple we refer to as the 'Ice Temple' was where we placed the first seal of the Great One's tomb. The temple itself was once part of an ancient empire that we felt could serve as an excellent location to place the seal. In these frozen halls, provided the seal perfect camouflage from any intruders who dare enter this icy hall..."

Laguna's horse stops right beside Starlet's as he finishes reading the passage. He looks up at her and gives her the tome to read herself. Starlet glances at the book and flips the page for more information. She then sees a map on the next page and points at a spot on the map and shows her brother.

"Here is the location of the temple. It's the forests of the old ruined nation of Halteese."

Laguna nods his head in acknowledgement.

"Well I guess we need to get some heavy winter gear. During this time of year, blizzards are a constant occurrence there and the snow doesn't let up. We can get some while we're here in Galbadia's countryside."

With those words, Laguna galloped his horse and turned the direction northwards. With lingering thoughts in her head, Starlet took a moment to take a deep breath and then followed her brother. She was constantly worried during this journey.

Meanwhile in the lands directly east of the Kingdom of Galbadia, a mysterious ranger who searches for his brother learns of a terrible fate after discovering a sarcophagus, covered in ash and debris, within a ruined city.

"I can't believe this…after all my years of searching for you, brother, to only find that you've passed from this world.

The ranger collapses over on the dusty sarcophagus after moving the debris off violently. Tears stream from the elf's face onto the tomb as thoughts of anger, revenge, and vengeance fill his mind and heart. He looks at the double-bladed sword on top of the sarcophagus as his head rested on his arms. He slowly reaches over to the sword and grasps its handle before standing back to his feet.

"I swear to you, my brother. I will track down the one who did this to you and I'll make him pay for this. I shall make him suffer and his blood shall be on your sword. It'll be your justice."

With those words, the ranger walks from the sarcophagus and heads to the direction of Galbadia, following rumors he had heard about his brother's killer.