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School for Monsters

Chapter One: But I'm HUMAN!

It was already dark by the time I finished my second job. I walked in the street of Rivendale Avenue and pulled my coat closer to my body for warmth. It was already the middle of October and already I could feel the weather about to change. Something inside me told me that the snow will arrive early this year. My teeth began to chatter. The street was lifeless tonight. The only source of light came from the streetlamps. As I walked past Mrs. Goldmeir's brick house I felt a tingle on my back. The same feeling I've been feeling all day as if someone was watching me. I looked behind but was met with nothing but shadows of the trees. Perhaps it's the stress that's getting to me.

I've just graduated from Pendant High with honors, not to mention as valedictorian. One would expect me to be enrolled in some sort of college by now, but that wasn't the case. I applied to every prestigious school that I could think of. They all sent a letter of acceptance, but there was a major obstacle that I had to face. I live in a home with 13 kids and an old dog. My foster parents were not at all rich, they were average people. So the problem was money. They can't afford the college that I want to attend even with the government's funding. I sighed and could see the steam that came out with it. My 19th birthday is in two days and that means I would be kicked out of the foster care program. I could feel a lump forming in my throat and swallowed it. I had never lived on my own before. I was scared frightened, but I must deal with it. I clenched my jaw at that thought. I've been working two jobs for the past two year and was only able to save enough for six to eight months' worth of rent and food.

By the time I looked up, I was already infront of my house. Well, my home for the next few days at least. I smiled sadly to myself at the thought. I unlocked the doors and walked into the house. The kids were still awake. I could see five of them watching TV with Uncle Joe who was already snoring on his chair. They were staring intently at the TV which was featuring the history of dinosaurs and evolution. I turned to look over at the kitchen and Aunt Laura's head was over the stove cooking something that had a peculiar smell to it. When she noticed me staring at her she smiled brightly and waved me over. I remember the first time I met her. It was when I was six years old. She looked much younger and brighter then. I was her's and Uncle Joe's first foster child. It's amazing how these two are still together to this day. They're in their late 40's now. The stress took a toll on Aunt Laura's body. Her once bright blonde hair is now dull and almost gray looking. The lines under her eyes also showed it. I looked into the pot that she was cooking and wrinkled my nose.

"What is that?" I said the tone of disgust obvious in my voice.

"Why, it's my grandmother's recipe from ol' back then, sweetheart." She said in her southern accent.

I grimaced and looked down at the gooey brown paste, "What's in it?"

"Let me see, here…," She looked at the notebook that laid on the side of the kitchen counter, "Carrots, onions, beef powder, olive oil…" I wouldn't be surprised if she said frog legs.

"What is it for?" I stepped away from the stove and walked over to the table where Sam, Evan, and Sky was sitting coloring in their books.

"Pot roast." She continued on with her stirring, "Mila, could you take Evan upstairs and put him to sleep for me, will you dear?"

I looked over at Evan. He was two years old holding a green crayon in one hand and an orange crayon in the other. I picked him up and brought him upstairs to where the boy's room was located. Aunt Laura and Uncle Joe worked for the state as foster parents. They loved kids, but I heard Aunt Laura once said to Uncle Joe that she didn't expect to have this much kids in her home and didn't think she could handle any of it. But she couldn't say no to any of us, she was too kind hearted. I picked up Evans bottle inside the mini fridge in the room and put in his mouth. Without complaint he grabbed onto it as if his life was dependent of it. I held him until his eyes slowly closed. By the time he was actually asleep, I placed him down and kissed the top of his head before I left the room.

With so many kids running around in this house, Aunt Laura and Uncle Joe weren't able to give me much attention as before. They didn't know I had two jobs or that I had graduated as valedictorian. All they knew was that I'll be out of their home in a couple days and that the college that I want to go to is nothing but a silly dream of a teenage girl. I know what they were thinking. I sometimes have this strange feeling as if I could sense whatever it is that they were feeling. Like that one day when my parent were fighting in the car while I was mindlessly playing with my teddy. I could sense they were angry from their obvious argument, but I could also sense that they didn't want to argue infront of me. I didn't understand it at the time. I didn't have the chance to understand anything about the conversation before that big truck hit us and killed both my parents.

I sighed heavily at the thought. I was five when that happened. I could barely remember their faces anymore. From then on I've been thrown from foster homes to foster homes until I met Aunt Laura and Uncle Joe. I know they would offer me their home if I needed a place to stay, but I also know that if I did that I would be too much of a burden to them. I smiled sadly to myself. I had a small room inside this house. I was privileged enough to have my own room. I walked inside and dropped my book bag on the wooden ground. I threw myself on the twin bed and stared up at the ceiling. I'm about to turn nineteen and I wonder how my life would turn out afterwards. With that thought my mind grew blank and everything went dark.

Not going to school on a Mondays was getting hard for me. I'd wake up at exactly 7AM only to realize that I have graduated already and there's no need for me to be awake so early. I laid in bed where I was the previous night with my coat still snugged to my body. The house was quiet and the kids were all in school except for the little ones who were too young. Yet, they were still sleeping. I could still hear the soft sound of the television playing downstairs. Uncle Joe must be awake by now. I stared up at the white ceiling that looked as if it needed a new paint job as I can see the yellow stains from the leak we had due to a rainstorm. I stared up at it feeling lost and hopeless. As if my purpose in life was pointless.

I thought of my parents like I often do in the mornings. I wondered how my life would have been if that accident hadn't occurred. I wondered if there truly was a heaven and if they're looking down on me as how I've always imagined. I like to think that they do. I didn't have any other family then them. No aunts, uncles, nothing. I was on my own. One more day and I would truly be on my own.

I sat up groggily. The taste of unbrushed teeth made me feel sick to the stomach. I took off the coat and changed into some shorts and a t-shirt. I grabbed my toothbrush on the little dresser that Aunt Laura bought for me three years ago and walked out to the bathroom to freshen up.

"Mila, is that you in there?" Aunt Laura knocked on the door impatiently.

I opened the door with tooth paste running down the side of my chin and a tooth brush sticking out of my mouth. She was carrying a red eyed Evan who looked as if he just woke up. She handed me an envelope and said, "I forgot to give this to you last night. Sorry, I was so busy with the kids…" I tuned her out as I noticed the name of the sender.

Sretsnom University is a prestigious school where it is widely known for its actors and directors in the Hollywood industry. The toothbrush that was in my mouth fell to the floor as I held the envelope. But why would they choose me? I've never applied to this school and not just anyone can enroll in such a high ranked school. Aunt Laura left as Evan began to cry for his bottle of milk. I opened the envelope without hesitation.

Dear Ms. Mila Fang,

Congratulations you have been accepted to Sretsnom University on a full scholarship and more. Please reply within the next 10 days and we will arrange for you to be flown to our primary campus located in London, England. All fares will be taken care of. We hope to hear from you soon.

-Dean Luther Divilbliss

I stood there staring at the letter confused. This has got to be a joke right? A slow smile formed on my lips and I ran downstairs without washing my face.

"Aunt Laura! Aunt Laura!" I screamed in excitement as I held the paper to her face.

Aunt Laura had the bottle of milk in her hand. She gave me a questioning look and gave the bottle to Evan. She looked closely into the paper and slowly her eyes began to widen.

"Why, Mila! I am so darn proud of you dear!" She gave me a big hug with a wide smile. I couldn't help but giggle out loud. I never usually giggle before.

"Honey! Mila got accepted to Sretsnom University!" Aunt Laura yelled to Uncle Joe.

Uncle Joe got up from his seat. He reminded of Happy from the seven dwarves of Snow White with that wide smile on his face, "Congratulations Mila!" He gave me a big bear hug.

I had tears in my eyes. The fact that I didn't have to work two jobs for the rest of my life eased my mind and I didn't have to waste my talent at an unrenowned school. I've always been an overachiever in my life.

"Wait Mila, I thought you wanted to be a doctor?" Aunt Mila looked closer at the acceptance letter.

"Y-yeah" I stuttered. I took the paper out of her hands and smiled cheekily at her, "But this school is better and it's giving me a full ride for free."

Aunt Laura along with Uncle Joe and the rest of the kids were seeing me off at the airport. Each giving me a hug before watching me go through the gates. Aunt Laura had tears in her eyes and a tissue to her nose. Although they didn't have time for me, I still loved them as if they were my own parents. I smiled sadly as I looked back to them and waved. I passed through the airport security with a breeze. I only had a small duffel bag to carry on with me.

The flight from home to London was about 17+ hours or so. I wasn't really keeping track of time, but it felt as if a whole week had passed by before I landed on England's ground. It was chaos when I got there. People were running around. I almost passed the guy in black holding up a small board with my name on it. He was about three heads taller than me and had a frightening aura about him.

"Hi, I'm Mila." I said pointing at the sign.

The man grunted and motioned me to follow him. I did just that. We walked out of the airport and into the streets. The air in this country felt different. Perhaps, it could all just be in my mind. It felt fresh as if I'm getting a fresh start out of everything over here. I couldn't help but smile at the thought and at everyone who passed by. I felt like a Disney princesses, singing to the birds, and trees, and strangers. Showing the world how happy I was to be here. A black sleek limo drove infront of us and I had to hold my breath when the tall man opened the door for me. I nodded with wide eyes and went in without a question. He was intimidating and reminded me of the butler from the Adam's Family.

The ride to the school was quiet. The tall guy was seated at the front with the chauffer and I was left in the back listening to soft classical music. I wondered what's gonna happen from this point on in my life. I wondered about my future as I looked out onto the streets of London. Lights passed by and slowly my eyes felt heavy. Why was I so tired? I slept the whole time through out the plane ride. I yawned and rested my head on the window. Perhaps, it's the time zone…before I knew it I was already drifting into dreamland.

"Beware the witches curse…" Echoed a voice

"Beware the monster's love…" Echoed another

"Beware the sinful lust…" The song repeated over and over etching itself into my mind.

By the time I was awake, there was no one in the limousine. I called out, but nobody appeared. We were in the middle of nowhere. I looked outside and already it was dark. There was a full moon out, but no stars. The whole place looked weird and something inside me told me to stay safely in the car. I ignored it and opened the door.

Apparently we are parked on a hill looking out into the ocean. I searched around but found neither the chauffer or the tall guy who escorted me here. I ran to the front of the car, my heart racing and my mind was overloaded with questions and fear. Why were they gone and why are their clothes left in the front seat? I called out to no one in particular. The keys weren't anywhere and I was left confused. I looked toward the opposite direction of the ocean and noticed a big castle that reminded me of the medieval time period. This is what Sretsnom University looked like. I remember from the picture they had on their brochure. Between me and the castle there was the dark creepy woods I had to go through. I wondered for a random second Snow White felt when she ran through the woods. Holding my duffle bag tightly to my chest a fearful thought caught me. What if there were wolves here? With that thought I ran through the forest and toward that school as if my life depended on it.

I should've just stayed in the car and waited.

I felt that same tingling feeling at my spine again as if someone was watching me. As my breath became shallow I slowed down. I could hear my heart beat throbbing in my ears and within seconds a cold hand touched my back. I screeched out loud with my hands up in the air and my eyes closed tightly.

"Fear not, child." A sooth voice called out.

He turned me around to face him and I was amazed at his beauty. It was as if I was staring at some unnaturally handsome man. He looked to be around his early twenties. I swallowed a fearful lump and bit my lips.

"My name is Luther Divilbliss. I am the dean of this school." He raised his hand dramatically at the school.

I followed his hands and my eyes widened as the dark trees began to move. It seemed as if the school had somehow moved closer. I swear it was twenty yards away. I turned to look at the dean, confusion written all over my face. Before I could say anything he pulled me toward him.

"Close your eyes, deary." He said as he hugged himself to me.

I did what he said without any protest. I had no idea what was going on.

"Where are we?" I finally said

The dean was sitting behind a big dark desk and he's been staring at me for about twenty minutes or so. I felt awkward and looked around the place nervously.

"You're in my office…" He drawled.

I nodded at the obvious, but what I was referring to was the location of this school.

As if he could read my mind he said, "We are in a different world now, Mila." He added a smirk when he said my name.

"World? Well, I'm sure England is a completely different—"

"No. I'm talking about worlds, dimensions, etcetera."

I looked at him as if he was crazy, "Wait this is the Sretsnom University, right?"

"The one and only university where the most talented directors and actors come from. That, my dear, is correct." I noticed the strange accent he had. It was a combination of English and…I couldn't name the other. Before I could reply he said, "But it is also a school for monsters. Night creatures sounds much better, but none the less monsters." He sounded much more cheerful when he said that.

"Uh….hmm…Well, if this is some sort of 'practice'. I failed, but I am rather great at writin—"

"No, child. I am serious." He had a dead look about him and before I knew it he stood up and smiled brightly, this time revealing what I thought would always be seen on TV—fangs.

My eyes were wide and I stared at them without blinking. That lump was in my throat again and my heart was pounding as loud as ever.

"Calm down, Mila. Otherwise I can't help but…" He looked at me eyes full of desire.

"H-how can I? Because I'm freaking out right now!" This time I was standing, hands clenched at my sides shaking, "I thought this was a prestigious school where talented people come from. Am I being fooled here? Where is this place and who are you really?"

"Why, I'm Luther of course. The dean of this school." He sat down hands over the other and looked at me with amusement dancing in those blue eyes, "Mila Brook. Daughter of Miranda Fang and the great Daniel Fang. Welcome to Monsters University. Where the best of the best come from directors, actors, writers, dancers, you name it. All of those who've graduated to become successful at what they do are creatures of the night." He smiled innocently at me, eyes still transfixed on my neck.

"Monsters….Sretsnom…" The realization hit me like the truck of so long ago. Finally I said out loud, "But I'm not a monster. I'm a human."