School For Monsters

Chapter Two: Love is STUPID

Luthor stared at me and I could feel the hair on my arms stand. Those blue eyes dancing with secrets caused me to question my future. Does this mean I have to go back home? I bit my lips at the thought and stared back at him as if we were having a war. I didn't want to lose; I hate the thought of losing to anything. And I was determined to graduate from this school even if I didn't belong here.

"Such a feisty young girl," He finally said breaking our eye contact, "Well, now let me show you to your room." He walked toward the big mahogany doors with his hands clasped behind his back.

"W-wait, that's it?"

Luthor turned around almost in a blink of an eye, "What do you mean? Is there something you want to give to me?" He flashed me his fangs and I could feel the look of horror increasing on my face. He chuckled at my reaction and said, "Fear not, Mila. I will be here to protect you. After all, that is my duty as the dean of this school."

"Oooohhkay…." I wasn't scared of the school, nor was I scared of him. There was one question that had been bugging me since I've received the letter, "Why me?"

He suddenly disappeared and I was left staring at the empty space where he had been, "Oh, right. That's what I forgot…" He was back in his chair now, holding up a shiny dark maroon pen, "My lucky lucky pen." He smiled triumphantly at it and I could feel my jaw drop. Did he not hear me?

"Uhm, excuse me, but si—"

He held up his hand, "Never call me sir. Makes me feel rather quite old. Why don't you call me Luthor or….Daddy." He chuckled at the last word.

"How about Dean?"

"No, no, no. That will not do."

"Then Luthor it is." I was feeling irritant and tired of the pointless conversation.

"Pity, I was hoping Daddy. It'd make me feel sexier somehow." He had a finger to his chin and looked up in the air as if in deep thought.

I looked at Luthor dead on. Are you kidding me? What is wrong with this guy? As if he heard my thought, he looked down at me and smiled amusingly, "There's nothing wrong, deary. I'm just excited to have the daughter of Daniel Fang to be a part of this school."

"Wait, you know my father?"

He ignored my question and said, "Now, we must hurry to your room. I have a very important meeting I must attend." This time he pulled me along with him out his office. I followed with the feeling of confusion still lingering behind me.

The hall way was beautiful. The red carpet was velvety and had no stains that I could make out. The whole place looked as if I had stepped inside some beautiful castle of a king. The walls were lined with paintings of werewolves and ogres. Paintings that I had never seen before and left me wondering why it was never talked about during art class or why it was never hung up in some famous museum. The walls looked as if it was made out of real gold and I had to resist the urge to touch them with the pace that Luthor was walking in. I bumped into his back when he suddenly stopped infront of a wooden door. The door was carved exquisitely with roses and flowers. And on the door the names Natalia and Mila were professionally etched on it.

Luthor knocked lightly on the door as if afraid to wake anyone up from their slumber, "Natalia" he called. The door opened and there wasn't anyone there. I peeked over Luthor's shoulders. It was dark inside, but I could make out two queen sized bed with a canopy over it.

"Where is she?" I whispered

"Natalia, I'd like you to meet Mila our new student." He was talking to the open air as if there was a person standing right infront of us.

"What are you doing?" I asked still searching around the room with my eyes.

"Now, now Natalia. Don't be shy. Reveal yourself to her." He said gently. I looked at him questionably and before I knew it a scream escaped my lips.

Standing before me was a ghost. Her mouth was cut at the sides as if it was a smile and her cheeks were indented in as if she had no cheeks at all. She was floating infront of us, her long black hair hanging to the sides almost touching the floor. I covered my face behind Luthor's shoulder when she looked at me with her glowing red eyes.

"Natalia." He said as if scolding her, "Don't scare the new girl. Put something more….decent on." I heard a soft moan coming from the room, "Now, apologize and introduce yourself to her."

"Hi." The creature named Natalia said in a haunting echo.

It was an echo that sent chills throughout my body. I looked over Luthor's shoulder again and was surprised to see that Natalia was no longer the evil ghost I once saw. She was obviously transparent, but those once red eyes were a pale blue which matched her entire ghostly form. She looked to be around my age. The scars had disappeared and the cheeks were full now. She looked normal this time, well except for her floating in midair. Yet, she looked so familiar as if I had seen her somewhere…

"Natalia Hendricks once attended your school." Luthor stepped to the side so that I was face to face with Natalia. I swallowed nervously and held out a shaking hand.

"M-M-my n-name i-s-s M-m-mila." I couldn't control the shaking in my voice. I had never met a ghost in person before. I had never actually believed in the supernatural until today.

Natalia smiled up sweetly at me, "Hi. I'm Natalia. Sorry about earlier. It's a joke that us ghosts do on each other…" She scratched the back of her head innocently, "I kinda thought you wanted to be scared or something." She looked down at her feet and I could see a slight blush creeping into the transparent paleness of her skin. Her ghostly fingers clasped itself around mines and I had to bite my cheeks to endure the cold shiver it sent throughout my body.

"It's a-alright. Still trying to get use to this whole new world thing." I laughed nervously and looked at Luthor who had his eyes glued onto his maroon colored pen. When she let go of my hand I thought I would've faint, but managed a shaky smile. I wonder how long I will survive in this dreadful school.

Luthor cocked an eyebrow at me and smirked, "Well, dearies, I must go to that very important meeting that I said earlier." With that he vanished in a blink of an eye.

I was still staring at the spot where he once stood. Amazed at the fact that someone had actually disappeared right before me. How is that even possible?

"He's not really going to any meeting you know?" Natalia interrupted me with her haunting voice.


"Yeah," She motioned me to go into the room and I followed. My belongings were somehow already brought to the room and was neatly left on top the bed, "I'll tell you a secret about our beloved dean." Natalia was in my face this time, startling me with the closeness of our nose.

"Luthor Divilbliss is actually an anime addict! Who would've thought right?" She floated back to her side of the bed and giggled as if it was the funniest thing ever.

If you think about it. A grown man of probably a hundred years old or so, yet looked like he's twenty something years old is addicted to a bunch of childish cartoons. I wouldn't have thought it was funny if Natalia hadn't start giggling.

"Hey, Natalia?" The moon was the only source of light in the room. Yet, her glowing form was clear as day and in a way it somehow looked….beautiful. Natalia was beautiful, " You went to my school, right?"

She looked at me and floated closer to where I was, "Yeah…" she said sadly and sat down beside me on my bed. The air dropped to a lower temperature every time she's near, I noticed, " I was a sophmore when I died. About two years ago."

I remembered now, her face. She was the girl who showed me to my first class when everyone ignored me, the new girl in our class. I remembered because her face was different amongst anyone's else. Radiant and almost too beautiful to the human eyes. Yet, I wondered how a perfect human being could've died?

She answered without me asking, "I was bullied in school." A sad smile made its way on her lips and I could see glitters of tears falling delicately down her cheeks, "Mainly, by the popular crowd…You know Diana Wilberts right?"

Diana Wilberts, the wicked witch of our class, she was the mean girl of our school. The queen bee. At the beginning of senior year she somehow went off on our principal and was thrown into a mental facility. I remembered it quite well. I remember standing in the hallway as the cops came to pick her up. She kept yelling the name 'Mieria Kinsly' and repeating 'I'm the prettiest'. It was a sad sight that day. The queen bee had fallen and almost everyone but her group of friends was happy about it.

"She was my bestfriend." That interrupted me from my walk down memory lane. Natalia continued, "But she was also my worst enemy. I grew up with her. Our parents were business partners, almost relatives in fact. But throughout my whole life. I was in her shadow. Always getting picked on by her. I was stupid enough to let her do that to me, but one day something happened." Natalia had a light smile on her face now, almost dreamlike, "Mathew Bayle asked me out. I was in love with him, Diana knew that. But well, it was just another trick up Diana's sleeves. She had him do that to win popularity, I guess. But it was mean and cruel and I was devastated. We were a couple for a month or so, but I thought I was in love. Only to find out he had been fucking her the whole time." Natalia's eyes glowed red for a second, "Well, I found out. We broke up and everyday I would see those two all over each other. I left the group when we broke up. And because of that Diana and her friends started picking on me. Calling me names, pushing me, and hurting me every single day. I thought to myself why me and why was I even her friend to begin with." She paused and looked up, "I regret my life. I honestly do. If I could go back in time, well…I wouldn't have put up with any of it. I would've made new friends or something… but it's too late now."

I could feel a huge depression come over her and I wanted to comfort her somehow, "So what really made you….ya' know kill yourself." I was curious.

She looked at me with tear-staind face, "Mathew… He told me the truth oneday . That I was ugly and he felt disgusted to have ever been with me." This time she sobbed aloud and I could feel my heart wrench and anger build up inside.

"Natalia….. I thought you were the kindest and most beautiful person I had ever met, even if it was only once." I smiled at her, "But killing yourself over a stupid boy was stupid! It was high school. And high school is like…another version of hell."

She giggled at the last part and her mood evaporated almost immediately, "Yeah I was an idiot, but hey! I was in love."

I scoffed, "Love is stupid."

She giggled at that, "You're right." She suddenly wrapped her arms around me, "Mila, I think we'll get along really great here. You're gonna love it! I promise."

My teeth began chattering and she suddenly pulled away, "Right, I forgot I'm a ghost." She stuck her tongue out, "Well, we better get to bed. My energy is pretty much worn from that display I showed earlier," She gave me a look of apology, "Sorry about that again. Sometimes I can't tell if I'm meeting another ghost or not. Silly me."

"It's alright," Natalia floated back to her bed as I lay down on mines. I was too tired to change all I wanted to do now was close my eyes. I just hope tomorrow will be a better day.

"Goodnight, Natalia." I murmured eyes already closed.

"Sweet dreams…" She said voice still echoing in my head.

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