The Court Description

She walked up the path blazed though the forest on the hill. She couldn't see anything past the dense forest, the huddled trees. As she timidly walked up the gravel path, the trees seemed to enclose around the small, fragile path that she was walking on. She stood, shocked, when the coppice abruptly ended. The young woman, paralyzed with awe, gazed upon the magnificent castle that lay deep within the forests atop a large hill. The castle's bricks, made of precious gems for the farthest reaches of the earth, glittered in the sun, making the castle a sight to behold. The large wall, encircling the entire castle, lay perfectly constructed, fortifying the castle and adding to its beauty. The glass windows, inside the walls of the castle, depicted the great feats of the kings that constructed the castle; they showed the coruscate images of beautiful queens and handsome kings. The young woman slowly approached the ever-growing castle, and reached the solid iron gates about midday. Through the gate, she could hear the hubbub of people all throughout the castle. The soldiers walking their rounds in their noisy armor; the servants running across the stone streets with papers rustling in their arms and food and materials flying out of their arms; woman and children ran along helping everyone they could; they brought food to the soldiers, who kindly accepted their handmade biscuits and cheese, and stuffed food into the mouths of the running servants and working men on the streets. The young woman was soon admitted by a slim and fragile looking young man, whose hair was well kept, neat, and shimmered in the sun. He carefully led through the bustling street; he pointed out all the noteworthy things: the prized butcher's plump pigs and chickens, the blacksmith's delicately crafted swords and crowns that were the envy of every other king, queen, prince, and princess, the baker's delicious breads and pastries that were present at all the feasts of the king and queen. The people that the pair of them encountered were kind and warmhearted; many woman and children gave the young girl baskets of bread and sweets that smelled delectable. The young man and woman pressed on through the crowds, continually stopping, but they made it to the entrance of the castle. The door, carved out of the trees just outside the castle walls, rested inside the walls of the towers of the castle. When they passed the archway, the young man left the young woman to walk through the corridors to find the king and queen's halls. The walls of the corridor were decorated with exquisite paintings that were more beautiful that the stained glass windows that they had been placed next to. The floor had an extensive rug, hand crafted, with intricate designs woven into it; it showed the history of the kingdom, and the young woman could see some weavers adding a section in the middle of the hall. She walked through the extensive ingress smelling the attractive scent of the torches burning along the walls. When she reached the ornate doors at the end of the hall, the sentries met her with brilliant smiles and opened the doors for her. As soon as the doors had cracked open, she heard the murmuring of conversations, detected the scent of an extravagant feast, and saw a large table surrounded with nobles talking gaily and the king and queen laughing at some repartee between two of the nobles. The table, situated in the middle the large throne room, had been created out of the finest imported wood but carved in the castle. The nobles, situated around the ornate table, talked pompously from all ends of the table. The servants seemed to be laughing at the nobles they were serving, talking amongst each other and enjoying the feast as much as the nobles. The floor that everyone was standing on, sparkled just like the walls on the outside of the castle, made of the same invaluable jewels; they caught the light emitted from the large crystal chandelier hanging from the lofty ceiling. The king looked up from the other end of the enormous room with smiling eyes and called for silence while motioning the young woman forward.