Chapter 1

My dad and I checked into the hotel after my games that day. Everyone from the club was staying at the same hotel, and as we walked in we saw Coach Danny standing at the counter, also checking in. When he finished, he turned around, noticing us for the first time. He walked over to talk to us while we waited.

"How are you?" He greeted us with his smile.

"Fine, and you?" my dad responded.

"Doing well," he smiled again. "Caroline, there are a few things I'd like to show you with you're positioning."

"Oh. Thanks," I responded somewhat shyly. I had been harboring a crush on Danny for quite some time. "When would you like to show me?"

"Some time tonight, if that's alright. It'll be quick and right in the pool over here."

"Sounds good. I could be ready in 30 minutes, if that's fine with you."

"Okay. See you in a little."

My dad and I had gotten settled in our hotel room, and I had just finished getting a dry suit on to go to the pool. My dad had decided to stay in the room to read, so I grabbed my towel and walked by myself.

The patio area was full of people when I got to the pool. I thought that there was some sort of family reunion. I got to the pool area and saw Danny was already there waiting. I set my towel on one of the chairs next to his.

"Hi," I greeted him.

"Hi. You ready?" he asked.

"Yeah." I walked over to the edge of the pool with Danny. We got in the water and made our way to the deep end. Danny positioned himself behind me as defender, and talked me through several moves that I already knew, but hadn't practiced recently.

After a good while we were about to get out when Danny caught a glance at my wrist. His eyes grew a little, and before I had even realized he had seen my wrist, he caught hold of it, looked me the eyes as I tensed up, and he slowly turned my wrist face up. I cringed at the fact that another person had seen my scars. They had healed up a lot, but were still VERY visible. His eyes lingered longer and longer, and he brought up his other hand to trace his fingers along the prominent marks.

He looked up again at my face, but I looked away, ashamed that he had to find out, another person that knew. He slowly let go of my wrist, but before I could pull away completely, he pulled me into a hug, his arms around my shoulders, chin resting on my head. I slowly returned the hug, still unsure of how he felt about my scars. When he let me go, I bolted out of the pool before he could ask any questions, taking my towel, drying myself quickly, and running back to my hotel room.

So this is a story i wrote a while back. hope you like it. read and review. Let me know if you have any requests. And Danny is like 22.

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