Chapter 3

It had been a few days sine I had seen Danny, and my dad needed to get him the DVD of the games from tournament that he had recorded the previous weekend. Danny came to pick it up from our house after asking for directions. He arrived just as I was practicing the piano. The knock came on the door, and I ran to open it. When I saw him, I gave him a quick hug but let go because I knew my dad was going to come out of his office to see Danny.

My dad and Danny talked for a little, but soon they were out of things to talk about. My dad went back to his office, and I whispered for Danny to sit on the bench by our front door and wait for me while I went through the garage to get outside.

I found him sitting patiently, watching the bird's nest by our door. He stood up to give me a hug, and then a kiss, stroking my scarred wrist like he had become accustomed to doing recently.

We sat down on the bench, and listened to the chirping coming from the nest for a little before Danny broke the silence.

"So, do you want to tell me about your wrist?" he asked calmly, stroking the scars, causing me to shiver

"Well, I was doing some stuff that I guess made me want to cut, but my parents found out a few days after I finished my first round." I explained, cringing at the memories flooding my mind. I couldn't bare to look at Danny, especially because of what my wrist said.

"Do you wanna tell me what it means?" he asked calmly pulling me in for a hug with his other arm.

I hesitated. "It's the initials of the guy I used to like," I said quietly. Danny's eyes widened, his grip tightened on my shoulder, his hand stopped stroking my wrist.

With a very controlled voice, he asked, "And who is he?" He seemed about ready to kill my old crush. He must have thought that whoever it was made me do it to myself.

"It's not like that," I said shrinking away from Danny, moving as far away as possible on the bench, bringing my knees up to hug them. Danny was so upset he didn't even notice. "He doesn't even know."

Danny seemed to realized I hadn't been forced, so he calmed down. When he was calm, he noticed how far away I was from him, how terrified I looked. He had scared me. His eyes softened entirely as they looked over at me. He made a move to come near me, but I flinched away from his touch, afraid Danny might be mad at me now.

He sat back, contemplating how to go about his next move. He slowly picked me up from my spot on the bench, ignoring my flinching this time, and sat me between his legs. I was shivering from fright even as he wrapped his arms around me. He held me for quite some time, waiting for me to calm down, trying to say without words that he wasn't upset at me at all.

Still shivering in his arms, Danny maneuvered his head from behind me, to a spot where he could access my face easily. He began kissing my jaw, I still flinched away from his touch, but he was persistent. He continued by kissing every part of my face, my lips last, letting his linger on mine for a moment. Having relaxed a little, I leaned into his chest, pressing my face into his neck. He hugged me tighter, satisfied that I no longer was afraid of him.

He held me for quite some time before moving to kiss my lips again. We kissed for a while before he pulled away to look at my face. Smiling shyly, I looked back at him. I pressed a quick kiss against his neck before moving to climb out of his lap. Before I could escape, he held me there, pressing his forehead to mine.

"I love you," he said quietly, almost as if he was trying not to startle me. I was a little surprised, but I grinned. He loved me, even after finding out how broken I was.

I gave him a quick peck on the lips, and said, "I love you, too." He smiled also, pulling me in for a deep, passionate kiss. I groaned with pleasure as the kiss became more heated. We broke away only because we were aware of the time. I had to get back inside, and Danny had to leave home.

With one last hug, we said goodbye, and I returned to my house.

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