Mahou Shoujo Ayaka Salamanca


The moon shone like a lamplight in the dark sky. The town of Hanarisa was rather solemn at three in the morning, since most of the inhabitants were already asleep in this sleepy side of the country of Japan. On a particular park in the middle of the town, known as the Blossom Garden because of the great expanse of cherry blossom trees in the vicinity, a bunch of things moved, creeping like slugs.

The flicker of the nearest old lampposts revealed what these things were. A bunch of black humanoid-like creatures were mingling around. Each of these creatures had a pair of dark red eyes, sharp black claws in the tip of their shapeless arms and sleek white bones caged their body in various parts. Out of place of their fearsome appearance was a pair of bunny-shaped ears in their spherical heads.

The creatures seemed to be looking something, their elongated arms crashing through bushes, lifting benches and tables and one was rummaging through trash bins, scattering garbage on the ground.

"Tsk tsk tsk. You guys don't really know how to clean up your mess."

The creature who upended the bin looked up to where the voice came from, only to be shot by a raging burst of orange flames. It exploded on impact, turning the monster and the bin to ashes. Some of the flames remained on the spot, illuminating the rest of the creatures, who were now staring at something in the sky.

Four silhouettes stood on top of four the nearest lampposts, holding strange swords of different colors and strange designs. One had his rather large sword in flames, a manic grin etched on his face.

"Looks like we had their attention now," said another, holding another sword, which he actually carried like it was a gun.

"True," agreed another guy, who was a bit shorter than the rest. He was holding the longest sword of the bunch, with a spiral coned blade, looking more of a short spear than anything. "We better finish this quick then."

"I'm curious, though," stated the last one, who was holding a very sharp katana with a very transparent blade. "As to why they keep returning on the same place."

"They're just stupid, that's all," announced the guy with the burning sword, which was easily the biggest among the four.

"They are creatures with limited intelligence," insisted the guy with the katana. "But they appear to be looking for something…"

"They're the only ones with magical imprint in the vicinity, though," said the short guy.

"Which means," said the other one, pointing his gun-sword at the black creatures, which were slowly moving towards them. "We won't know what it is unless we get a one-on-one interview with these guys." He grunted. "I'm not going to enjoy it, though."

"Ah, screw it with all the thinking," said the guy with the big sword, jumping down towards the ground. His companions followed him, landing nimbly in the ground like cats. "We'll just catch one and open up its brain."

"Knowing you," said the guy with the katana, disapproval in the tone of his voice. "You'll probably destroy each and every one of these creatures."

He grinned mischievously. "We'll see about that," he said as flames spurted all around his sword. "If they don't annoy me too much, I might leave one unharmed."

The katana guy shook his head, while the one with the spear-like sword giggled. The one with the gun-sword pointed his weapon towards the nearest black creature.

The one with the flaming sword swung the large weapon with ease. "Let's get this party started," he said right before he and his companions charged at the creatures.

What the boys and the creatures did not know was that a pair of silver eyes was watching the whole spectacle. The owner of the eyes jumped out of the bush where it was hiding, running out of the scene as fast and as silent as it could. The silver chain on its neck bounced as it ran, the pendant it held glinting in the faint moonlight.

It was on that same moment that Sakurai Ayaka woke up, sitting up on her bed, breathing heavily. She had a dream again, but every time she woke up, she couldn't remember anything about it. Ayaka sighed and looked at the pink alarm clock on her beside.

3:10 AM… It was too early to wake up, but Ayaka felt like she couldn't go back to sleep anymore.

That was when an idea formed on Ayaka's mind. She smiled, clapped her hands and did a faint "Oh!", just in case she woke up the whole house with her yelling.

Ayaka roused herself from the bed, got on her favorite white rabbit slippers and went out of the door, humming cheerfully.

Author's Note: Hello there! mjinx again with a new manga-styled story! Well, not actually true. This was the first story I posted here in FP, which had undergone three revisions, of which the third (and hopefully final one) is what you're reading today. My love for the Magical Girl genre produced this unyielding effort to make this one story as polished as possible! So now we have Mahou Shoujo Ayaka Salamanca, or Magical Girl Ayaka Salamanca!

Well, this prologue is pretty short, because it's just the introduction. The real adventure starts on Chapter 1! So keep reading, folks!