Mahou Shoujo Ayaka Salamanca

Chapter 2

The Princess Returns! - Part 2

The whole afternoon had been the longest one for Ayaka. After being escorted by Kai back to her classroom, she waited for the return of Tomomi, hoping against all odds that she imagined everything. Her waiting was in vain when the bell rang and no Tomomi came inside the classroom.

The bell rang once again, signaling the end of the day's classes. Ayaka quickly went to Junko's side, who was beginning to stuff all belongings in her bag. "Junko!" said Ayaka hurriedly. "It's Tomomi! She's gone!"

"I noticed that," said Junko, looking a bit thoughtful. "She didn't even say anything when she left."

"Tomomi didn't leave the school!" said Ayaka. "She's still here and I think she's in trouble!"

"Really?" replied Junko. "But this is Tomomi we're talking about, she's always in trouble."

"No, I meant she's in terrible danger!" And then she told her the full-blown story about Tomomi's disappearance on the suspicious flight of stairs.

When she was finished, Junko stood up, her bag fully packed and ready to go. She put her hands on Ayaka's shoulders. "Ayaka-chan, calm down," she said, looking at her in the eyes. "I'm sure Tomomi's fine!"


"Kai-kun told you that he will tell the teachers, right?" said Junko. Ayaka nodded. "The Student Council President is reliable and responsible. I'm sure he already found Tomomi-chan."

Junko's reassuring words soothed Ayaka's worries. "Yes, I think you're right," she finally said. "Kai-kun will definitely find Tomomi."

"Of course!" said Junko with a meaningful wink. "He's not your crush if he isn't that amazing!"

Ayaka turned bright red while Junko laughed. "Anyway, Ayaka," said Junko. "I'll go on ahead. The Journalism Club won't start without me, after all."

"Okay," said Ayaka, smiling. "Bye, Junko!"

"Bye Ayaka! See you tomorrow!"

And with that, Junko left. Ayaka waved her goodbye. And then, she noticed that she was the only one left in the room. Ayaka went back to her seat and started packing her stuff.


Ayaka jumped in surprise. Was someone calling her name? "Who…" she mumbled. "Who's there?"

AyakaYour friend is in danger, she needs you…

"What?" yelled Ayaka. "Who are you? Come out!"

A strong wind blew from outside, opening the windows with its force. Ayaka raised her arms to her eyes, buffeted by the incredibly strong wind.

Then suddenly, the wind died down into nothing but a rustling breeze. Carefully, Ayaka opened her eyes and saw the weirdest thing - a purple-colored cat was hovering outside the window.

Ayaka backed away, her mouth gaped open. The cat had a slim body with sleek, shiny purple fur. On its back was a pair of angel-like white wings. It had a long, spherical tail and a golden ribbon was tied on its tip. On its neck was a silver chain that kept a pink pin-like pendant. The cat had a slightly triangular face, with two sharp, triangular ears and a pair of whiskers. It opened its eyes to reveal a pair of silver irises.

"Wha…" stuttered Ayaka.

"Ayaka…" She heard the cat speak in an elegant, female voice - the same voice she'd been hearing this whole time. "It's time…"

Ayaka screamed and ran out of the room, leaving her bag behind. She fled on the empty corridors, her heart beating in so much panic that it hurts inside her chest. The sudden adrenaline rush made her a quick runner, as she sped mindlessly through the corridors.

Afraid that she was being followed, Ayaka turned her head. She sighed in relief as no flying cat was behind her, but she did not looked at what was in front of her.

Ayaka collided with a person so hard that she was sent flying back, landing painfully on her back. "Ahhhhh!" she yelled with the impact.

"Ow!" cried Ayaka, as she sat up, massaging her back.

"Hey!" said a voice above her. Ayaka looked up to see a red-haired guy glaring menacingly at her. "Watch where you're going!"

"Ha…" mumbled Ayaka underneath the fierce glare of the guy. "Haruto-kun!"

Haruto did not look pleased at the mention of his name. "Yeah?" he said in an loud voice. "What do you want?"

Ayaka shivered at the intensity of his stare. Akande Haruto looked more menacing up close. His spiky scarlet hair was ruffled and his tanned face was really scary. His blue coat was not buttoned, revealing his red undershirt. Haruto had a silver bird-shaped earring in his ear and a gold chain was strapped near the right pocket of his pants. The more Ayaka looked, the more he reminds her of a delinquent. And Ayaka was no good at communicating with such types of people.

"Hey!" yelled Haruto, making Ayaka's heart beat in panic. "I asked you a question!"

Another male voice intruded. "Haruto, why are you yelling?"

It was then that Yukinawa Kai arrived beside Haruto and looked down at Ayaka. His eyes widened in surprise then turned into ones with concern. "Sakurai-san! Are you okay?"

Kai extended his hand and Ayaka took it. He pulled her hand and helped her stand up. Ayaka brushed some dust out of her skirt then bowed. "Thank you, Kai-kun."

"You're welcome," said Kai with a smile.

"Hey!" said Haruto. "How about an apology for me?" Ayaka was ticked off at his behavior, but couldn't utter a word under the stare of Kai. Haruto and Kai stood next to each other and Ayaka could notice the obvious differences between the two. It was like looking at the sun and the moon. Kai looked neat and orderly in his immaculate uniform while Haruto's spelled chaos. And in contrast to Haruto's overwhelming presence, Kai had a calm and sweet aura. Ayaka could see Junko's point - she couldn't imagine the two guys being best friends.

When Ayaka just stood there and stared, Haruto spoke again. "I'm waiting for my apology," he said in an irritated sing-song voice.

"Haruto," said Kai in a stern tone. "Don't be rude!"

"I wasn't being rude! This girl just bumped into me! She didn't even have the nerve to say sorry."

That was it. Starting at that moment, Ayaka officially disliked Haruto.

"And you didn't have the decency to help her stand up," retorted Kai.

"Why should I? She did it to herself."

Kai shook his head and decided to face Ayaka instead of him. "Sakurai-san," he said in a soft, reassuring tone. "Are you okay? Why were you in a hurry?"

"A cat…" mumbled Ayaka, wondering if she should say such a ridiculous thing.

"A cat?" repeated Kai. Haruto looked on curiously.

"A flying cat…" replied Ayaka. "A flying cat just talked to me in the classroom…"

There were a few seconds of silence before Haruto started laughing. His loud and inelegant guffaw hurt Ayaka, but it also irritated her. Kai was annoyed as well, but he remained calm.

"I suggest you go home," Kai told Ayaka. "You've been seeing things, you must be tired…"

"I'm…" said Ayaka. One part of her mind told her that Kai was right and she just imagined everything, but most of her intuition said it was real. Then she looked at the laughing figure of Haruto. Anger started to boil down on her. "I'm not seeing things!" she suddenly yelled.

Haruto stopped laughing. Kai looked contemplative. Ayaka was embarrassed, but she held her ground. "I know what I saw. There was a flying cat talking to me. Just like I saw Haruto-kun went down on the stairs at lunch time."

"What stairs?" asked Haruto, but Kai and Ayaka ignored him.

"We checked the stairs, Sakurai-san," said Kai. "Tsuchiya-san was not there."

"But!" said Ayaka. She didn't like arguing with the kind Kai, but she felt she had no choice. Weird things were happening at school today. She didn't like it, but she felt that she should do something about it.

Ayaka was about to tell Kai that he should believe her when something caught her eye. A lock of light blue hair, a petite girl running towards the corner… Tomomi!

"Tomomi!" yelled Ayaka so suddenly that both Kai and Haruto were alarmed. And before they could do anything, Ayaka ran in pursuit of Tomomi.

"Hey!" howled Haruto.

"Sakurai-san!" said Kai.

But Ayaka did not hear them. She followed the running girl, who was definitely Tomomi. Ayaka knew it was her, she could see the pigtails that Tomomi so lovingly comb and arrange every day. Tomomi took random corners and changed directions when Ayaka expected her not to. They soon emerged on an empty corridor that Ayaka recognized.

She was back on the hallway where Tomomi disappeared and she met Kai.

"Tomomi!" yelled Ayaka. But she was late again. Tomomi descended the dark stairway again.

"Tomomi!" yelled Ayaka again. And this time, she was determined to find Tomomi on her own. Before her fear could cripple her again, she quickly ran down the stairway, not minding that she couldn't see where she was going. Step after step, Ayaka descended the dark stairway.

It was by the time she reached the very bottom of the stairs when Ayaka's fear returned. Everything was so dark that Ayaka could not even see what was in front of her. Her heart beat faster than ever, her ears straining for any strange sound.

"Tomomi?" whispered Ayaka. "Tomomi, where are you?"

She heard a faint voice calling her name. "Ayaka…"

"Tomomi!" yelled Ayaka, taking a step forward. She stepped on something slippery and she fell down on her knees, her palms touching the floor.

"What… What is this?" mumbled Ayaka as she took her hands off the floor. Something sticky stuck on her hands and knees. She strained her eyes to see what the sticky stuff was.

It was some sort of spider web…

There was a swooshing sound and Ayaka could see a strand of the same web coming towards her…

Ayaka closed her eyes before the impact. But after a few moments, the inevitable did not happen. And when she opened her eyes, she gasped.

Standing in front of her was Haruto holding a large torch… Wait, it was a large sword engulfed in flames!

"I figured we could use some light," he said, looking smug. "And viola, look at we have here. I didn't know the teachers kept horrendous monsters as pets."

The light from Haruto's sword illuminated the whole place. And from the area where the strand of web came whipping was the biggest and ugliest spider Ayaka had ever seen.

"Ahhhhh!" screamed Ayaka. The spider was so huge that it almost covered the whole room. It had horrible and hairy legs, a round, furry and brown body, eight disfigured purple eyes and a large sharp pincer. The spider's whole body was specked with strands and sometimes pillars of white web. But there was something else in the spider…

"The Seal here was broken," said Kai. Ayaka jumped at his sudden appearance. He stood beside Haruto, looking calm even at the sight of the huge monster.

"There was a Seal here?" asked Haruto, leaning his huge sword on his right shoulder. Ayaka was surprised to see that he could wield such a large weapon and that the flames on it did not burn him or his uniform.

"Yes, that's why this whole place was closed off," replied Kai. He shook his head. "So that's why we couldn't see the Seal when we checked it last time. It was tainted by a Breaker!"

"Well, he's not going to stay here for much longer," said Haruto, eyeing the spider, which began to move its eight spindly legs. "I'll take care of this infestation!"

Kai extended his right hand. To Ayaka's surprise, water came out of his hand and spiraled to form a katana with a transparent blade. "Stay back, Sakurai-san," he said. Ayaka jumped at the mention of her name; it felt like she was not there at all. "We'll save Tsuchiya-san."

"Tomomi?" Ayaka forgot about her. Where was Tomomi?

And then, to Ayaka's great horror, she found her friend. She was on the ceiling above the huge monster, wrapped in a cocoon of the spider's white web. Her head was the only part of her body that was not yet encased by the web.

"Tomomi!" cried Ayaka, standing up.

"Stay back!" yelled Kai.

And at that precise moment, the spider opened its pincers and shot a strand of web towards Kai. He jumped towards it and sliced the web with his katana, severing it into two.

Haruto jumped with his large sword and attempted to cut some of the monster's legs with it. However, the spider saw him coming and quickly scuttled to the left, avoiding Haruto's flaming sword.

"You're not getting away!" yelled Kai, running towards the spider. He jumped when he got near enough and swung his sword down, targeting the monster's huge head.

There was a huge clang sound. Ayaka watched as the spider trapped Kai's katana in its pincers, the guy dangling away, still holding on to his sword.

"Kai-kun!" yelled Ayaka.

And to Ayaka's surprise, the katana went back to being water and Kai let go of it. He landed on the floor and the water quickly flowed to his hand, turning into a katana again.

"Take this!" said Kai, jumping towards the surprised spider. His katana shined blue as he swung it towards the spider's head. "Azure Slash!"

A huge stream of water came from Kai's katana and slammed at the monster's head. The force of the water crushed a part of the floor and shook the whole school.

"My turn!" yelled Haruto, running from the other side. He swung his huge sword up and then gave his full strength as he swayed it towards the ground. "Infernal Strike!"

The force of Haruto's sword cracked the ground and a burst of raging flames came forward. It spurted towards the spider and exploded on impact. The ear-splitting explosion almost deafened Ayaka, but the sound vibrated on the whole school, making the students on the building panic.

Smoke filled the room where Ayaka, Haruto and Kai were in. "And I win again," said Haruto, cradling his huge burning sword.

"You overdid it again," said Kai, putting his katana on a scabbard, which Ayaka did not know was there.

Haruto childishly stuck his tongue at him. "You're just jealous that I got the finishing blow."

But Ayaka knew there was something wrong about the whole situation. For some reason, she could still feel the monster's presence. Haruto and Kai couldn't see it behind their backs, but Ayaka saw the smoke dissipate enough for her to see what's behind it.

"Watch out!" she yelled, but Haruto and Kai moved too late. The spider sent two strings of web and both caught their targets. Haruto and Kai landed painfully on the wall behind Ayaka, covered in sticky white web. They were trapped!

"The hell!" yelled Haruto, struggling out of the web but it was no use.

"We were too careless!" shouted Kai, trying to do the same thing as Haruto.

"How could it survive from that?" said Haruto angrily.

"The Seal Breaker can only be defeated by the Mage Princess' magic," said a voice that was familiar to Ayaka.

Ayaka, Haruto and Kai looked at where it came from. And there, hovering near the stairs was a purple cat with wings.

"A flying cat?" said Haruto dumbly.

"You're…" said Kai, his eyes widening in shock.

"Who? What? Who is it?"

The cat flew towards Ayaka, who stumbled back, afraid of the strange flying creature.

"Don't be afraid, Ayaka," said the cat in a soothing voice. "I am Spica, the Guardian of the Salamanca Sword. I am your friend."

"My friend?" said Ayaka.

There was a loud sound as the huge spider crawled away from the large cracked hole that Haruto and Kai's combined attacks created beneath it.

"It's coming!" cried Ayaka in fear.

"Do not fear it, Ayaka," said the cat as it flew in front of her, as if protecting her from the monster. "This vile magic is nothing against the power of a pure maiden's heart."

"A pure maiden's heart?"

The cat faced her. "Tell me, Ayaka," said Spica. "Do you really wish to save your friend?"

"Tomomi…" whispered Ayaka, looking at her helpless friend in the cocoon. Just then, determination filled up her whole system. "I'll save you no matter what!"

A brilliant pink light came out of Ayaka's chest, surprising everybody except for Spica. Even the spider stepped back from it.

"Inside your heart is the potential for power," said Spica. "Your courage, determination and perseverance grant you the will to carry the Salamanca Sword!"

The pendant in Spica's neck began to shine a brilliant pink light as well. Spica took off the silver chain and gave the pendant to Ayaka.

Ayaka looked at the shining pendant on her palms. She could clearly see that it was no ordinary pendant, but the miniature size of a beautifully crafted sword. She thought how pretty it would be on its normal size and as if listening to her thoughts, the pendant glowed more and turned bigger. When it reached two feet, the light disappeared to reveal the most beautiful sword Ayaka had ever seen.

It was an elegant sword in the form of a rapier. The handle was pink, formed in the style of a star, with a diamond on the tip. The blade was sharp and sparkling, illuminating the dank and dark room Ayaka was in.

Kai recognized the sword. "That's…"

"No way…" said Haruto, who realized what was happening. "That girl is…"

"The Mage Princess…" said Spica with tearful eyes. "I'm so happy that you have returned."

"I have returned?" asked Ayaka, not quite getting it.

There was a movement in front of them. With the disappearance of the pink light, the spider began to scuttle towards Ayaka.

"Now is the time, Ayaka!" said Spica. "Summon the powers of the Salamanca Sword and transform to your Princess Form!"

"Summon? Transform? Princess?" said Ayaka in confusion.

"Trust me!" said Spica. "Point the sword towards the sky. And listen to your heart!"

Ayaka closed her eyes, pointed the sword above her and listened to her heart. And that was when words started forming in her mouth. "With the power of the Mage Princess, I command you to show me your true form!"

A brilliant pink light erupted from Ayaka and enveloped her body. Inside the brilliant light, a shower of star-like orbs flew from the sword. Several orbs encircled her torso and turned into a pink blouse with a ring of white feathers on the tip of it sleeves. Another circle of orbs rounded on her hips and formed into a frilly pink skirt with white ends. Two orbs reached her feet and transformed into a pair of knee-high pink boots. Two more orbs landed on her arms and changed into pink braces. Another orb settled on the center of her chest and turned into a pink ribbon with a golden star in the center. Ayaka's flowing hair extended up to her legs and on top of her head, the last orb turned into a diamond-encrusted golden tiara.

The brilliant light disappeared and revealed Ayaka's new form, holding the Salamanca Sword with her right hand. Ayaka spun clockwise and pointed her sword in front of her. "Mahou Shoujo!" she yelled as she posed. "Ayaka Salamanca!"

"Mahou Shoujo…" whispered Kai.

"Ayaka Salamanca?" said Haruto.

The spider recovered from the sudden outburst of light. It scuttled towards Ayaka again, a hungry look in its eight beaded eyes.

"Ayaka, it's time!" yelled Spica.

"Time for what?" whispered Ayaka, looking winded at her new form.

"To finish the Seal Breaker with your magic!" said Spica. "Destroy the Breaker with your Starlight Burst!"

"Starlight Burst?"

Spica nodded. "Let your feelings reach the Salamanca Sword!"

"I'll try…" said Ayaka, looking determined. She hugged the sword close to her heart and closed her eyes. And then she felt the connection, like childhood friends meeting each other after a long time.

The monster was close now as it headed towards Ayaka, its pincers crashing together.

The Salamanca Sword shone a brilliant pink light. Ayaka opened her eyes and swung the sword towards the ground. "Taste the power of a maiden's pure heart!" she yelled as she drew a shining circle in front of her with the sword's shining blade.

"Shine!" yelled Ayaka and the circle shone, revealing a magic circle with a star on the center and intricate designs on the outer ring. "Starlight…"

Ayaka thrust the sword into the center of the pink magic circle. "…Burst!"

A humongous cannon of pink light erupted from Ayaka's circle. The monster stopped on its tracks but it was too late. The light flashed through the spider, covering it entirely. The monster's dark silhouette melted inside the light, like ink dropped in a basin of water.

When the light fainted, the monster was no longer there. Instead, a tiny spider scuttled away from where it used to be. The web also disappeared, releasing Haruto and Kai from the wall they were stuck in. They both landed nimbly on the floor.

"Tomomi!" yelled Ayaka as her friend's body dropped from the ceiling. She ran and jumped and safely caught her in mid-drop. Haruto and Kai looked in awe as she jumped ten feet into the air and landed perfectly on the ground.

"Thank goodness…" said Ayaka, as she held Tomomi in her arms. But then, her whole world spiraled around her…

And Ayaka fell unconscious in the ground, right beside the knocked out Tomomi. Spica flew towards them. "It looks like she got tired…"

Haruto and Kai went towards them. Ayaka's body shone with bright light and then disappeared, turning her back to her uniform.

"Really…" said Haruto, looking at Ayaka's sleeping but peaceful face. "Never thought that a weak-looking girl like her could have that kind of powers…"

Kai eyed the cat, however. "You took your time, Spica-chan," he said.

"Kai-kun!" said the cat, surprised. "You've grown a lot since we last met."

Kai smiled. "Welcome back, Spica," he said. Then, he looked at Ayaka. "Welcome back, Princess…"

To be continued…

Author's Note: Yay, finally finished Chapter 2! So, Ayaka finally transforms! I was actually trying to think of some kick-ass music to accompany her transformation sequence. Her Starlight Burst attack is awesome (at least for me), although she didn't really "fight" per se.

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