Chapter 5

The next day I sit with Paola and her friends, although its torture at least I won't see Thomas. I make it through the day without getting in any more trouble all though Mrs. Miller doesn't like me at all. I drag my feet to detention and dread who's there. I'm surprised how many people are there on the second day. The teacher though doesn't look impressed. I sit at the back and I was assigned lines. I wrote about twenty before I hear a loud burp. I look up and there Thomas and what I assume to be friends congratulating him on a burp well done. I feel sick to the stomach. I miss getting in trouble with my friends for things we did do, not things like guys touching you inappropriately.

I have nearly finished my fifty lines, and I give out a loud sigh when I dot the last full stop. A loud wolf whistle sounds. I look up and Thomas and his group of friends laugh. I roll my eyes.
"Oh Marie's blushing," teases Thomas.
I mutter things to myself.
"What's that Marie?" he yells.
"Thomas quiet down," says the teacher.
I feel slightly relived until he sits next to me. I try to ignore him but it's hard when he's staring straight at you. I turn to face him but don't say anything. He looks as if he's studying me but I don't get why.
"What?" I ask.
"I don't get you," he says still studying my face.
"Probably because you're an idiot," I say not looking at him.
He laughs a grunt or grunts a laugh I can't tell the difference. He looks at his fingers and fiddles with them. I feel like being annoying like he did in history but I knew that would imply that I like him. He sighs and looks up at the ceiling. I can tell he's thinking about something, but since he's a guy I didn't really want to know what it is.
"Sorry 'bout Marcos he's an idiot," he says not looking at me.
I look at him now trying to understand why he's apologizing.
"It's just…ah…you're a lot different than a lot of other girls here, and that's why I was so forward yesterday, so…ah I would get a shot before any other guys did," he says gradually.
"So I'm like a new PS3 game that everyone wants to play first?" I say angrily.
"No…I guess in a sense. Man that must sound really bad at the moment," he says running his fingers through his knotty hair.
"Yeah it does," I roll my eyes.
"But you are…you're different from the others. You're real not obsessed with Justin Bieber or magazines, you're just real."
I don't know what to say so I don't speak hoping it is the best thing to do.
"I should have probably just have asked you out in the first place," he says looking up at me.
"I'm not looking for a boyfriend at the moment and that's not what I do. If I like a guy then great but I don't just go out with every guy I meet."
"Well I'm glad or you'd be a," he starts.
"Mr. Parker," interrupts the teacher.
I can't help but giggle. Thomas looks at me and rolls his eyes.
"Why aren't you interested in any guys any ways?" he asks.
"It's not that I'm not interested, but I'm just not interested in a relationship," I say looking at him.
He nods his face full of thought. I laugh as he pulls a face.
"So why not me eh? I can make you laugh," he smiles.
"I'm not ready to go out with another guy at the moment," I say, plus you probably can't handle it either, I think to myself.
"Okay I'm sorry, he's an idiot, I mean you're awesome," he stutters.
"You can go," announces the teacher and I'm glad.
"Wanna go for a jog?" he asks as we walk out.
I think for a while. I shake my head.
"I didn't practice my music yesterday so I have to practice."
"Well why don't we go hang out on the oval and I can listen?' he offers.
I shake my head.
"Are you shy when it comes to stuff like that?" he asks bumping his hip into mine.
I shrug. This was an actual half decent conversation the best so far actually. He places his hand on my waist. I stop and it slides lower.
"Thomas!" I yell.
"Sorry, sorry," he smiles walking off.
I huff and continue towards the boarding house. He waits for me a bit further on the way. I get the feeling that he's not going to back down anytime soon.