Chapter 6

A week or so later Mrs. Miller still makes me sit next to Thomas. Even after me nearly on my knees begging. I sit down. A guy sits in front of me and Thomas. I recognize him from a while ago. A stench comes over to room. I hold my jumper sleeve over my nose. I look at Thomas. His friend that he was talking to points me out.
"You're a real pig you know," I say.
I shake my head and look towards the front of the class.
"What?" he laughs leaning in closer.
"Good morning class," says Mrs. Miller.
Thomas looks forwards before his eyes drifting across to me again.
"What did I do?" he whispers.
"Well the general reek gives it away," I whisper back.
He laughs. He kicks the chair in front of him. The guy turns around. It was that Marcos guy.
"Argh who the hell was that?" says Thomas loudly.
"Ewww," all the girls' chorus.
The guys look at Marcos and give him hi-fives and congratulate him.
"Sit back down!" scolds Mrs. Miller.
"It wasn't me," says Marcos with surprise.
Thomas raises his eye brows.
"Class!" screeches Mrs. Miller slamming a ruler on the desk.
I jump out of my seat. Thomas laughs.
"Thomas, Marie Josèphe," she screeches.
"Yes miss," says Thomas smartly.
"Shut up," I mutter.
The wrinkles fold on her forehead. I feel myself sliding further away from her. I'm almost on top of Thomas.
"Both of you," she says.
I slide further into Thomas. I can feel Thomas's smirk from behind me.
"Thomas is something funny?' she asks
"Nah just that Marie is really scared of you."
I spin around. I stare long and hard at him my nose almost touching his.
"Either you where really scared or you really like me," he smiles.
I hear girls start to gossip and guys pat Thomas on the back. I want to slap him.
"Thomas, Marie Josèphe," yells Mrs. Miller slamming her hand on my desk.
This time I spin around and am half on Thomas.
"Both of you go to the principal's office."
I stand up and walk past her. Thomas sits there for a second before getting up. Mrs. Miller writes on a piece of paper and hands it to me. I walk out and Thomas is laughing silently.

"That wasn't funny," I say turning around pointing at him.
He pauses, "Sure it wasn't," he mocks.
I huff and turn around.
"Oh come on Marie, I saved you from the embarrassment of the century."
"Come on I know it was you."
"Was not," I argue.
He scoffs.
"Bet it was Mrs. Miller," I mutter.
He laughs.
"Blaming the teacher now," he shakes his head.
"It wasn't me!" I yell.
"Okay, okay," he says.
I shake my head.
"You like that Zac kid?" he asks shyly.
"I saw you two talking in the library the other day," he says, his hands in his pockets and looking at his feet.
He shrugs.
"He seemed to like you," he sighs, trying to make it seem causal.
"Do all you guys fall this quickly?"
"Depends, not normally," he smiles.
"Why would anyone like me?"
He looks at me, as if I've asked the biggest, most obvious question ever.
"You're kidding me," he says, "Who wouldn't?"
"No one knows me."
"Okay well for starters your more beautiful than any other girl in the school," he starts quietly,
I go completely pink, it's the first time I've heard anything like that before.
"And then the getting to know you thing, although the girls may say that guys don't like a girl that's sporty, runs around excreta, well… I don't know you're just real as I said before," he says thinking hard.
"But still, no one knows me."
"The guy who dumped you must have had something wrong with his head when he did," he says.
I can feel myself go slightly red. I've never been complemented this much before, but he didn't know the half of it, if he did he'd be a million miles away from me. I can sense him looking at me again. I look up at him. He smiles and looks away. We walk up to the principal's office. I'm scared and hope Thomas doesn't make things worse. Thomas holds the door open for me as we walk in.

"Thomas," welcomes Mr. Jennings the principle.
He has a smile on his face which was comforting.
"And?" he asks looking at me.
"So who sent you this time Thomas?"
"Mrs. Miller again sir."
"Why?" he asks.
Thomas hands him the note. He raises his eyebrows and looks up at us.
"Inappropriate body language, touching each other, talking back," he reads out loud.
"I'll say what I said to Mrs. Miller. I was just welcoming her to the school."
I stand there quiet.
"Well save it for out of class, not in class please Thomas."
Tom's eyes light up, and I want to throw up.
"Now both of you back to class, and don't give Mrs. Miller anymore trouble," he says, "Miss. Carter, you mother called, I'd like you to make an appointment with Mr. Smith, the school councillor sometime, just to see how you're settling in," he smiles.

We walk out. Thomas is silent for a while.
"She's always wasting his time like this," says Thomas.
"Mrs. Miller, you get one detention and she sends you to the principle. Wastes his time. One time he had a meeting, and sent me there. Then came screeching up when I had taken so long to come back to class. He had to 'deal' with me before she'd shut up," he says.
"That's slightly stupid."
"Slightly, it's completely stupid. Man if only I could give her a piece of my mind. She made a kid cry last year."
I nod, not sure how I should take this information.
"You okay?" he asks.
"Yeah, what would make you think otherwise?"
"You're just quiet that's all, is it because he wants you to see the councillor, we all have when we started."
"No it's not that, and how would you know I'm not usually quiet?"
"Because you can tell you're not that kind of person. Just by looking at you, and you slapped an almost complete stranger," he explains.
I blush a bit, and he smiles again at me, which makes me blush more. But to be honest, I was dreading seeing Mr. Smith, I'd seen so many councillors over the past year and a bit, I hate people digging into my brain, trying to explain things they know nothing about.