Original Story

Silence; The Story

Chapter 2: Bittersweet

By I-Darkness

I walked along the budding gardens behind the academy. The soft green grass and plants peeking from the brown dirt, dumped into organised lumps, reaching up towards the weak sun and the sparse air.

Bile made itself known in my mouth.

The Gardens of the Moon. Although the sound of it was awfully romantic, it was wrong.

A sense of complete and utter wrongness resurfaced in my gut. Just like a child who was caught with their hand in the forbidden cookie jar. Humans, creatures of Earth, had no right to walk the surface of a silent, beautiful, deadly goddess.

I came out to the 'gardens' to calm myself. The toxic air of the inside of the building was too much to bear. I wanted to go back to the real gardens. I want to be surrounded by trees and listen to the cry of birds and crickets. I want to feel the sun's warmth on my face and the breeze blowing gently across my face.

I was not alone in my wanting. A lot of people, mostly farmers and people of the coasts were in withdrawal of luscious and sweet Earth. Sure, we would get used to life out here. After about three generations.

It was not possible for humans to live comfortably away from their cradle of life. Back on Earth, diaspora used to be that people had the possibility of returning. Out here, the same term meant that it was impossible to return.

I found a stone bench surrounded by growing bushes of roses. I sat as a tear rolled down my face. Roses. Just the name rang familiarity, sweetness and beauty.

'A rose, by any other name, would smell as sweet.'

I both disagree and agree. Growing up with roses, the name and the flower, has made it so that with just the name I could remember its smell.

Surrounded by roses, picking flowers from the garden. I loved the seasons back home. Mum's roses would flower at odd times of the year, her orchids would blossom all at the same time and the flower bushes lining the side of the house would be covered in white, purple and red.

My hands found their way to my face. No one would see me cry. No one was allowed to see my cry. No one. But of course, the Moon was too small and kind for that wish to happen.

Alex sat next to me, pulling my hands away from my face. He pulled me into a hug. I did not, could not resist. He had the right to try and comfort me.

"Mia." The tears came in greater volume. "The war won't last forever. We'll have the chance to go back."


He did not know.

The tears stopped almost immediately, earning me a confused look from my cute, but oblivious, boyfriend.

I had no right to cry or miss Earth.


I buried my face in his uniform. I hated it when he called me that. Only one person had ever completed me so perfectly. Alex… was sweet. But he was not my kind of sweet.

I miss Earth. I don't miss my life on it.

"I'm fine. We should probably get going."

Normal POV

"Yeah…" Alex knew something was up. How could he not? When she thought he was not looking, her smile would disappear and it would be replaced by a sad, guilty look.

Mia's POV

Standing, I took another long look at the bush. I made my mind up about the lunar roses. They were not sweet like the earthly roses. No, there were not sweet.

We collected our things from the Academy before making our way to the parking bays. Jon has sent me a message on my phone. Google had bought out Telstra and Optus before the War began; they became the leading phone service provider since then. They even modified a few satellites so phones would work on the other planets.

The message read; 'Hey, I'm going back with Georgia. Go ahead without me and tell mum and dad I'll be home late.'

Of course. My 'little brother' was not so little anymore. And he was smart enough to send me as the messenger. I tsked, climbing into my car after kissing Alex goodbye.

To Jon, love would be like an earthly rose.

To me, love is like a lunar rose.


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