When you were younger.
You listened the fairy tales,
and believed that your prince was going to save you too.

You got a bit older.
And curled up in bed.
listening to your mums tears.
As she tried to suffer in silence.
And you thought maybe, her prince would come too.

And you tried to be good.
And quiet.
So she wouldn't get hurt.
And you glared when it was safe.
Because how dare your 'dad'.
Pretend like you couldn't hear her cry.
Like you hadn't seen the bruises.
Hadn't been WATCHING.
As he hurt her.
But didn't the prince stop the bad guys?

The 'bad guy' left.
And your mum got stronger.
Braver, healed.
But you still stayed broken.
And you couldn't be fixed.
But no one noticed.
And by now you were thinking.
Princes weren't real were they?
But you couldn't save yourself.
And it was just another cut.
Going in a different direction.

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