Demon soul

''I am so lost

please help me"

A poor little soul,

with nowhere to go,

but in the cellars

of the demons home.

She roams at night

and feeds by day,

but will and always

have nothing to say.

She is a poor little sou

Taken by,

The Demons home.

she was taken,

way to early.

As the lists were making

she wasn't ready

as she was heading

to her home,

to settle down on the throne.

Be ready to walk,

Be prepared to run,

She's coming after you,

so have some fun.

You dont live long,

You dont live forever.

Are you ready to feel so much better?

She doesn't care

she wont ask

Drive away fast,fast,fast.

She is a lost soul,

she is a lost soul,

She is a lost, lost Soul.


Am that lost soul,

Lost in the demons home.