"Stop, yer under arrest!"

Aaron Callow ran for his life. Blue and white lights flashed and the sirens wailed behind him like banshees as he bolted down the street. He had to escape… his existence depended on it.

"We will shoot if you don't stop!" the warning came from the police intercom. Aaron barely heard, but he would've continued running even if he had. In this twisted world, he would be executed anyways if he let himself be turned in. That was the price of a crime, no matter how small it was. At least if Aaron ran, he might have a chance of escaping an unjust punishment.

But his legs gave out from under him and he collapsed to the ground, his breath coming in huffs. Sweat poured down his face and his eyes rolled back in his head as he desperately tried to stand and stumble forward. People scattered away from him on the side walks and cars swerved across the road to avoid the commotion brought about by the black-haired seventeen-year-old.

The police car screeched to a halt and two men in black uniforms leapt out. Aaron yelled in fear, his voice lined with exhaustion. Then the fight was taken out of him and he struggled no longer as the officers pinned him down and cuffed his wrists.

"Yer under arrest for trespassin' onta' government property. You will be shortly executed for yer crimes as 'da law states. Step in 'da car." The policeman growled. Aaron got the idea that the tubby officer didn't much mind his job at all. In fact, he even detected a smirk under the quivering mustache.

Aaron hesitated. Should he run? He didn't stand much of a chance at all… but even if he was shot now, wouldn't that be better than waiting in sick anticipation for the inevitable? Yes, he decided, it would. The boy closed his eyes picturing his mother and father. I'm sorry, he willed them to know this even though they were probably sitting at the house having tea, wondering what was taking their son so long to get home.

"Step into 'da car." The voice was hard, but there was a note of anticipation, as though the portly man half-hoped that Aaron would make a run for it. It wasn't every day someone broke a law. The officer was quite bored with his job, and had been thinking of quitting before he heard this boy needed to be taken into charge.

That's when the lean seventeen-year-old made his move; he shoved away the police officer with wild eyes and ran. Back and forth, he ran, twisting between the citizens of the city. They wouldn't risk hitting an innocent standby, would they? Apparently, that didn't matter to them because the next thing Aaron knew, gunshots sounded. Tracker bullets, Aaron barely had time to realize. Illegal to any normal citizen, but the standard for a cop. They could follow a person for up to a mile and a half and were shot at bullet speed. That's why they weren't concerned… they knew the bullets wouldn't miss their mark.

And they didn't.

Aaron's world went black and the sidewalk was painted with red. Pedestrians scattered in silenced panic and the officers moved forward to examine the body. His last screams still echoed eerily through the street.