The next morning I was woken by the feel of warm lips applying kisses to the small of my back. I was laying on my stomach and was momentarily confused about the unrecognizable bed beneath me. As the night before came back to me, I looked over my shoulder and grinned at the gorgeous man whose hair was tickling me as he continued to pepper my back with kisses moving up my spine. When his dark eyes met mine I felt a mix of desire, giddiness, and surprise.

"It's about time you woke," he teased with a slight grin back and then sucked at the juncture between my shoulder and neck. I moaned quietly in delight, which only made his grin widen. "Really now? You don't say..." and replicated the action to draw out another moan from my mouth. He lay beside me with his head propped up on his elbow and lightly caressed my hip as I turned to face him.

"Good morning." I stated simply.

"Good morning beautiful, glad you've joined me finally." He leaned in, "I have been waiting for so long."

I smiled as he leaned in to lightly nibble at my bottom lip.

"What time is it?"

"Oh, 11:40. I would ask if you wanted to hang out in bed awhile longer, but I actually have to pack so I am ready to hit the road... So, how about hitting the shower with me instead?" he quirked his eyebrow.

After stepping into the shower he took me up against the wall of the shower and we cleaned ourselves up. I was surprised that I was not feeling any regrets or remorse for my spontaneous hook-up last night, but honestly it had been an incredible night and it's not like I wasn't free to do as I wish. As we parted Victor wrapped his arms around my waist to pull me in and then raised one hand to caress my cheek, his chocolate brown eyes mesmerized me and I felt a strange vertigo-like sensation momentarily. "I had a very enjoyable evening, and I hope that when I am back in a couple days that you'll allow me to take you on a proper date. What do you say?"

I was dumbstruck, last night he may have said he wouldn't get enough of me and that this wasn't just casual sex, but I had not believed it was anything but seductive words. His eyes reflected his sincerity and I found myself nodding, "Yeah, alright." We smiled at eachother and he gave me a kiss that got my blood boiling once more and we parted ways. Don't you dare get in over your head Giada! He is still a rock star... Even with that somewhat sobering though I could not wipe the grin off my face as I rode in the taxi back to my apartment. It occurred to me that I never gave him my number, but I realized if he meant what he said that he had ways he could get in touch with me.

As I put my keys on the table with my purse I could hear the shrill ringing of my telephone and sprinted for it to pick up before the answering machine came on.

"Hello?" I said slightly out of breath.

"Good morning sunshine," Taylor's voice teased. I laughed in return.

"Sooooo..." Taylor began, "How did you sleep last night? Or did you even get any sleep?"

"Real subtle, Taylor. Next time, why don't you just walk in and take a seat to find out for yourself."

"Since when have I ever been subtle?"


"If you two could have kept it down some I wouldn't be asking."

"Oh, like hell you wouldn't!" I laughed.

"So... How did you sleep?"

"Deliciously." I replied. Wincing, I had to pull the phone away from my ear at the squeal on the other end. She's probably jumping up and down too... I rolled my eyes. "Look, I just got in. Do you want to meet up at the cafe in about thirty?"

"Just try to keep me away." she replied. I looked at the phone as it went to the dial tone and just shook my head.

Exactly thirty minutes later I was walking through the doors of our favorite lunch spot. I spotted Taylor at the table immediately, what with the way she was excitedly waving her hands around at me how could I not. I smirked as I walked over and she pushed out the chair with her feet from across the table indicating for me to take a seat. She had a huge grin on her face and I just had to chuckle at her demeanor.

"You look refreshed." she commented as she pushed a coffee over to me. I took it gratefully.

"Thank you, on both counts."

"I suppose you owe me thanks for dragging your ass out too." she said wryly, but the blistering smile on her face really overshadowed her delivery.

"Well, then thanks. You were right, I needed that."

She cupped her hand to her ear, "Pardon me, what was that again?"

I grabbed a napkin, crumpled it, and threw it at her in response. We both laughed.

"Well, I guess I don't need to ask how it was since you were so vocal."

"Oh, shut up!"

"So, are you planning to see him again?" she inquired.

"Actually, yeah, he said he'd like to take me on a proper date when he returns." I couldn't hide my grin.

"That's great!" Taylor enthused, then her face got serious, "Just be careful okay, I don't want a repeat of the Thomas fiasco."

"Trust me, I am older and wiser. I am just enjoying myself, I've already given myself the warning. The Thomas thing isn't the same anyway, we were together a long time and quite attached by the time things turned sour. This is totally different."

We chatted and she teased me some more about my "hottie hook-up" as we ate our late lunch and made plans for the following night.

The following day I spent doing some deep cleaning in the bathroom and polishing the kitchen floor and hardwood floors in the living room and dining room. I was getting tired and beyond ready to either go to bed or flop on the couch, but I had made plans to join Taylor and her boyfriend Patrick for dinner and some dancing. With a huff I got up to get in the shower and get ready for the night out. I felt amazingly re-energized when I got out of the shower and picked out a mid-thigh length black skirt and red off-the-shoulder blouse that I had not worn yet and had been wanting to because I liked that it was sexy in a subtle way. I put my hair up with a few curls cascading down to frame my face and as I was applying my mascara the doorbell rang. I invited Taylor and Patrick in, giving each a kiss on the cheek and after we toasted to the night and had a drink we went to meet our cab downstairs.

Arriving at the night club we decided to wait a bit before going to the on-site dining room. That was one thing that made this particular club one of our favorites, they had an actual chef on staff and he had a talent that rivaled some of the popular restaurant chef's in the area. One other club decided to follow in their example offering more than your average bar fare of fried crap, but they had yet to really nail their menu. Taylor and I were hoping this trend continued because it was convenient for nights out like this. Patrick went to talk a friend as Taylor and I went to the bar to get our drinks. Patrick had a tab here and always tried to ply the two of us with liquor to ensure we'd enjoy ourselves. He and Taylor had been together for three years now, and I was glad that things were going well between them. He'd shown himself to be a good guy and really went out of his way to make Taylor happy however he could. We both ordered Mai Tais and got a Jack and Coke for Patrick and wove our way through the crowd to go join him. His eyes lit up when he saw us approaching, and as Taylor handed him the drink he slipped his arm around her and gestured with his drink in hand to introduce us, "Jason, this is my girlfriend Taylor and our friend Giada. Giada, Taylor, meet Jason."

Jason extended his hand to me and his green eyes met mine, "Pleasure to meet you, Giada." and then repeated the routine to Taylor. Taylor grabbed my hand and blew a kiss in Patrick's direction as she pulled me towards the dance floor. We both danced for a couple of songs before gathering the boys to join us at the bar. We all had a shot of tequila and then took another cocktail to the dance floor. Taylor and Patrick paired off and so I danced with Jason who was actually quite the gentleman. When Taylor and Patrick started basically making out he gave me a look and jerked his head to the side indicating I should follow him to the bar. After I ordered my third Mai Tai, which Jason kindly bought for me, we walked over to one of the small bar tables.

"So, Giada, how do you know Taylor and Patrick?"

"Oh, Taylor and I basically grew up together, she's been my best friend for as long as I can remember. What about you?"

"Patrick hired me a few years ago to film a music video and we hit it off. He now plays on my recreational soccer team."

"Oh! You're that Jason! So, wait are you a director? I didn't remember that..."

A huge grin spread across his face, "Don't believe whatever he's told you. Actually no, I am a camera man and a hopeful cinematographer. Actually, his selection of me for the video has opened up the door for me to be the cinematographer on my current film."

"That's awesome! I am curious, do you prefer the term cinematographer or director of photography?"

"Honestly, I don't care as long as I get to do something I enjoy doing. I mean if I am the camera operator and the DP, then they can call me either one. It has bothered me in the past when someone takes the title of cinematographer and I as the cameraman have been responsible for some of the decisions he gets credit for, but for the most part that doesn't happen. Anyway, I think the debate is stupid. So, what do you do Giada?"

"I work-" I began, but was cut off by a loud laugh from across the table. I looked at him curiously, which only made him laugh harder and bang his hand on the table.

"Sorry, I just- I know what you do! I was only pulling your leg, I did not expect you to answer. Some actresses take themselves so seriously that they just gape at me like I'm some idiot."

I raised an eyebrow," So you just ask all the actresses that?"

"Yeah." He looked at me thoughtfully,"It's actually refreshing that someone of your caliber thinks some people may not know who you are."

I lifted my glass to take a drink hoping I could hide my blush at his compliment. I cleared my throat, "So what is the current project you are working on?"

"The new Alicia Hughes film."

"Nice! She has lots of potential to be a big success. Any interest in eventually directing?"

"Eh, I don't know. Maybe eventually, there's definitely some interest, but I don't know if I'll ever step away from behind the camera."

"Well, you could try it on a small indie production. Less pressure, more creative choices."

"I've thought about that, maybe I will." he smiled in response. Taylor and Patrick walked up and suggested it may be time for dinner. Patrick turned to Jason and asked if he would care to join us and he accepted the invitation.

We were sitting down discussing a current industry rumor about Prince making another film when Taylor shot me an alarmed look. I suddenly felt dread balling up in my stomach, and slowly turned in the direction she was looking, and saw the cause of her alarm was my ex entering the dining area with his bimbo girlfriend. Jason turned around in curiosity and when he spotted Thomas he turned to me and whispered in my ear, "He's a fucking idiot to leave you for trash like that."

"Trust me, my brain understands that. It doesn't really change anything though."

Jason gave me a sympathetic look. Patrick, always the one to speak his mind said rather loudly, "Giada, you really escaped that tragic disaster in the nick of time."

I shot him a pleading look as he continued, "I'll never understand what possessed you to stay with that douche for so long." Taylor shut him up with a not-so-discreet elbow to the ribs.

It was obvious by the look on Thomas' face that he heard every word and by the look on Bimbo Barbie's that she did not hear any of it. Or she's too fucking stupid to understand it... As they walked past our table the blonde shot me a look that almost resembled an arrogant smirk, but did not quite come off right.

Jason burst out laughing and the woman's eyes nearly glared in his direction and just like earlier that night it made him start laughing harder and he rapped his fist on the table. He whispered to our table companions that she either had no chance to make it as an actress or had way too much botox injected in her face to make the proper expressions, causing the three of us to join in the laughter. I had to avoid looking over at the table for the remainder of dinner because Botox Barbie (as I decided to rename her) was shooting daggers and scowling at us the whole time, well, trying to at least.

When we finished eating, we went out to the bar for another round and headed onto the dance floor. I was really enjoying myself, and though I thought there was some chemistry between me and Jason I couldn't see us developing into anything but good friends. His company was enjoyable and fun and I could tell that sentiment was returned, but hoped he also had no romantic ideas in his head. When he moved in closer to me and I moved away slightly he grabbed my elbow to pull me close enough to whisper in my ear,"Don't worry, I am not making a pass at you, it's just that Thomas is watching us and I figured.."

I turned my head towards him to whisper back,"Well, in that case I appreciate it." then I tangled my fingers in his hair and stared into his eyes.

"Hey, watch out there. Don't use your acting on me or I may end up making a genuine pass at you."

We laughed heartily, and it was not an act for Thomas' benefit. When he finally turned away to leave with Botox Barbie, I breathed a sigh of relief.

"Thank you for everything tonight. I enjoyed meeting you and hope that we get to hang out again." I told him as I was getting ready to take off.

"The pleasure was all mine Miss Rovatti. " he said and kissed the back of my hand.