I was an average kid, not too tall or short, not too thin or chubby. I was 12 years old and living in a house. A house of weirdos…

"Dinner's ready!" Mum called.

"What is it this time…?" I muttered sitting in my seat. The rest of the family were already there.

Yuck. It's brussel sprouts covered in fudge.

"Fudge sprouts!" Mum said excitedly giggling and setting the butter and ketchup on the table.

How did I end up in this family…?

My theory is that I was adopted, and that my real family are as normal as a bunch of clerks. Although I have no idea why they abandoned me.

I stared at my fudge sprouts and shuddered.

"No way I'm eating that."

"Now, now, Troy, you have to eat them or you get no dessert."

"Right, I'm going."

There were four on my plate. I stabbed one and slowly put it in my mouth. I chewed slowly, and swallowed.

"Let me season that for you!" Mum said. She stood up and poured ketchup onto my fudge sprouts! I shuddered again.

I sighed at Mum and ate another fudge ketchup sprout. When I swallowed my stomach tensed up. This can't be good for my health.

"Try it with butter!" Mum said to me.

"No way."

Mum sighed. "It tastes really good!"

"No it-!"

But before I could say another word, Mum spread butter all over my fudge ketchup sprouts!

I glared at mum and ate another. I nearly fainted this time. Only one more to go. I saw Mum go to the fridge. Oh no. It isn't. It is. It's peanut butter. How many timed have I told her I was allergic?!

"STOP!" I shouted, "I'll get sick and die!"

"No you won't." She said putting peanut butter all over my food.

I shuddered and looked at the last fudge ketchup butter peanut butter sprout. I looked at it, feeling like I was about to cry. I shoved the whole thing into my mouth quickly and nearly choked. But then I had finished. I had actually finished! I did a little dance before falling over because of my allergic reaction.

When I woke up a few minutes later, Mum was leaning over me.

"Time for dessert honey!" she said. I hate it when she calls me that. I went and sat on my chair again.

"Here it is!" she said setting down a platter. She lifted up the lid. Oh no. Drat.

It's pickled ice-cream.


Aww poor Troy D: this chapter is slightly based off another story I read, but a bit…weirder XD