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I held my breath as I tiptoed to Dad's nightstand, where his wallet silently sat upon. I snatched it up, clutching it tightly. I scrambled into my room as quietly as possible and carefully opened it, my debit card. It wasn't my fault I didn't get my paycheck from Jamba Juice today. I placed the note card I had prepared earlier on top of my pillow. I ran lightly to the computer. I quickly booked the round the world tickets. My phone vibrated in my pocket. I picked up and whispered. "Hello?"

"Amelia, I've just picked up Kelsey. Juliette is with me too." Isabella's voice sounded weird over the phone.

"Good. You're lucky you have a car." I acknowledged.

"Meh, just get the tickets and get your luggage ready. I'm coming over."

"Fine with me, Izzy."

"See you."


The line went dead and I focused on the computer screen. I typed in the card number and tapped my nail against the wood table nervously as I waited for the screen to load. I bit my lip as I memorized the address of the airport. I hurriedly got up from the chair and grabbed my luggage while the tickets printed out. I seized the pieces of paper and walked out of the house. I examined my outfit, hoping that it'd be fine for flying. I was just wearing a pair of faded navy skinny jeans and a hopefully unrecognizable sleeveless cream blouse. The ebony flats I had slipped on were cheap and bought from CVS. I had tied up my chin length chestnut coloured hair in it's usual ponytail.

I looked up and noticed the sleek Mitsubishi Evolution entering the small street. The car partially pulled into the driveway. Isabella pressed a button and the trunk of the car opened. I tossed in my luggage and stepped into the car.

"It's been awhile since we've all gathered like this." Isabella said as she changed gears.

"No dip. Last time I saw you was during your 16th birthday." I commented.

"Well, living in the hills isn't really that awesome."

"You have twelve acres of land to goof off on."

"Well, when we go shopping, it takes ages to get to the store."

"You could have a college party at your house."

"So? I'm never gonna have a college party at my house."

"I could have a college party at my house." Juliette said.

"Of course you could." Kelsey replied.

"Okay, LA first, right?" Isabella asked.

"Yeah." I rubbed my eyes, glancing at the clock. It was 2 o'clock in the morning.

"Sleep. I can go for the enti- Oh! Hold on for a sec!" Isabella pulled into a gas station. "Let's buy some snacks, I need some redbull. Take a bathroom break everybody, just to make sure."

She got out of the car and stretched, heading towards the restroom. Kelsey dashed into the snack shop with Juliette, eager to grab as much junk food as possible. I sighed and followed Kelsey. I grabbed some (actually a lot) Coke, three pop tarts, and some packaged apple slices (like ew, don't trust packaged fruit but I'm veggie.). Kelsey had five bags of Cheese Ruffle chips, grape juice, and a chocolate bar. Juliette snagged a bag of kettle corn and a pack of gum. Isabella held two red bulls, a bottle of water, four candy bars, three bags of nacho doritos, and a pair of sunglasses.

"Why do you need those?" I asked, pointing at the sunglasses. They were relatively simple, just light blue frames.

Isabella facepalmed. "Everybody should get a pair, we're going to really warm places later."

"Smart." Kelsey said as she tried on a few pairs.

Randomly, Juliette said "We look like cool cats, turned into unicorns."

Amelia rolled her eyes.

"Now that we've gotten everything, let's get a move on. Don't want to be caught by a police officer or something."

"Yeah," Isabella agreed. "Anyways, Kelsey, you got the video camera?" To prevent worry amongst our parents, we decided to videotape everywhere we went so they knew we were safe.

"Yes. We should probably film the goodbye one now, and post it on our Facebooks and Twitters." SHe pulled out a video camera, turned it on, and set it on the tripod we had brought.

Beep! Beep! Beep! It started filming.

"Hi so this is Amelia, Kelsey, Juliette-" "Overweight penguins!" Juliette interjected. I glared at her, then began again.

"As I was saying, Juliette, and Isabella. We are somewhere close to the San Francisco Airport, where we will catch a flight to L.A., and from there we are going around the world. Don't worry parents, we have enough cash and lots that's been converted into local currency for each we are going. We'll keep y'all updated via Twitter and Facebook-"

"Let me talk Amelia. So yeah like what Amelia said we will keep everyone watching posted, check the channel Juliette and I started a.k.a. Overweight penguins on Youtube for our latest videos!" Isabella finished.

"Okay," Kelsey sighed. "I got it on film. We'll use the airport's internet to post it. Now ONWARD!"

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