The Meaning of Life

I would follow you
Through darkness, wind and rain.
Through sleet, snow, fog,
I would follow you.

I would lead you,
I would stretch out my hand
And all you'd have to do
Is take it.
I would never let you go.
Neither would I let you fall.
I would wipe your tears away,
Stroke your hair,
Hold you close and hug you tight
And tell you that I loved you.

I would be your shield,
Your sword, your lance.
I would be the light
And I would guide you home.
I would fix you,
Piece by every broken piece.
I would make you promises
And I would always keep them.

I would lie awake every hour of the night
Just in case you should call.
I would sit in the rain and
Wait for you.
The shards of your broken words
Paving my way home.
I would do anything
For you.
Break myself to be
For you.
Lie and bleed and
Love you still.
All for you.
I will never move,
Nor be moved.
I could not even if
I wanted to.

But it's not about what I want anymore.

I would rather die
Than break the promise
I made you at the very beginning,
When we were mere
But I never once let go of your hand.
And I won't. Not now.
Not ever.
Bleed me, beat me, make me want to die,
But I will never let go.
Maybe you'll see why,
If you'd care to read these
Rain sodden words
That run like blue blood
Over the pages.
Maybe you might
Begin to understand
The true meaning of life.
And that a life without love,
As painful as that love may be,
Is a life not lived.