Claudia Claudia

She has a dream to die

The clouds rain dowm as you cry

She's holden the triger

Palm warm with the gun

But she can't bring herself to leave her son

Claudia claudia

Your shaded black

Pictures of your past straped to your back

It's never good to know

All the pain you can show

But she'll look to her baby boy and begin to glow

Claudia claudia

your depressed again

Claudia claudia

Hold your breath and count to ten

Claudia claudia

The man you loved dissapeared

No one could warn you of the path he's veered

A loanlyness from your childhood it seems to have steered

Claudia claudia

Save yourself fast

Or your boy could endure a similar past

Claudia claudia

Ensure your own health

Think of what you'r going to do

Remember when momma's like came to an end

And daddy died in front of you

Operator: "911, what is your emergancy?"

(child crying in background)

Disoriented woman: "I- twied, to take dem awww"

Operator: "what was that mam?"

Disorianted woman: "too manny, too many zzzzs. I took tow mainy"

(Child crying, "mommy sick! Mommy sick!"

Whispered: Put them back in the bottel

Claudia claudia

Put down the bottel and hide your gun

You haven't a reason to run

Still they come to take your son