A Difficult Dream

Sitting at the grand black piano,

Fingers flowing fluently over the keys,

Allowing the music to encourage me

To be the great man I want to be.

One lonely night, when playing some notes,

I felt a twinge, I felt a choke,

All I last saw was bright night lights,

My precious stars, my very last sight.

Awaking from blackness, I heard, not saw

A man sitting at the grand black piano

Fingers flowing fluently over the keys

The music was killing, drowning me.

I tried my hardest, I gave it my all

I couldn't get it right, I lost my cool,

My mind went blind, I went mad,

I'd lost everything I ever had.

Suddenly, a door opened, bold and clear

The door to my new life, I shed a tear.

Proud I was, to be who I am

I played my music, I excelled, I sang.

Now I made it, to be a guy

Who inspired people; I gave a sigh

To think when I was once able, able to see,

I'd never achieve without my disability.

Now there is never a star too hard to get,

Why not give yourself a target to set?

Maybe an obstacle that's giving you stress,

Will see you on your way,

Don't forget.