Yo! This is R.L! I'm writing a new story called Bruising! (あざガ!!)Which I'm sending a manga version to a publishing company! So this page is just a Prologue about what happened in the past. I'm only 14, so if people like this, I'll be really happy!(better stop using my age for an excuse, lol.) So with Further Ado, I present BRUISING!

10 years into the War of the Blood Crystal, and nothing has changed…..It seems during an event in a battle, my body and soul have become one of an adolescent…. Still, nothing has changed. But I have a plan to end this once and for all….. "Kyodo-sama! Enemy has entered the frontlines!" A warrior said. "Is that so…? Good, call in the Assassin Squad." "Yes sir!" The warrior left the tent. 5 strong looking people teleported inside the tent. "You rang?" said one of the younger assassins. "Operation: Fragment Maker, Is going into effect." Kyodo said, standing up. "Kyodo-sama, are you sure about this?!" one of the veteran assassins shouted, sweating rapidly. "If I wasn't sure, would I have called you in here?" He said, grinning. He's insane… "Well, shall we go, Father?" The younger assassin, said looking at the veteran. "Sachi…" The veteran looked at Kyodo. "I'll give out the signal when we open the gate." The veteran said. "Okay. I'll meet you there." The assassins teleported away. "Now…Time to get rid of the garbage…" Kyodo slowly took his katana out his sheath, and walked out the tent. The battlefield was intense, bloody bodies all over the ground warriors and Fiends alike getting limbs cut off during battle. "No way….Captain Kyodo-sama, wielder of Kusanagi-tou, Is entering the battlefield!" A warrior screamed, before every warrior started shouting. "My,my….Looks like, we're in a little stalemate, I'll fix that. Mizu hakai-ha!" A huge wave a water roared through the battlefield. "He destroyed all the fiends, in one fell swoop!" the warriors cheered. "Don't let your guard down. It's not over yet." More Fiends rose from darkness, and charged at them. "My warriors, Attack!" The warriors charged at the Fiends.


"Sachi-san do you know how to pick that kind of lock?" A girl assassin said. "Be quiet Chisei, I know what I'm doing….!" Sachi said. He picked the lock. "See, told ya so!" Sachi said, sticking out his tongue. " Shut up, idiot." "You're the idiot, idiot!" They started arguing. "Sachi, Chisei! Quiet down!" the veteran said, sternly. "Shigeru-sama!" "Sorry, father…" they went inside the gate. "Ok. Once we find an opening, we go inside, open the door, and shoot out the signal. Got it?" "Yes!" the assassins said in unison.

Back to the battlefield…..

Most warriors had been defeated. It's only Kyodo left still calm and collected. "…..Hmm. it appears that you took out my whole squad. You are a formidable foe indeed, Fiends." He dashed and slashed 40 Fiends in the process. "Still not a match for me though." The Fiends fell on the floor. A red flare burst into the sky. "Heh, I knew I could rely on those guys." He ran to the enemy base. "Ok. Our job is done lets-" Shigeru got pierced by a spear made of darkness. "F-Father!" Shigeru fell to the floor dead. "Shigeru-sama!" Chisei fell to the floor. She had a dagger made of darkness in her back. "CHISEI!" Sachi screamed. The two other assassins had been killed too. "Well, how should I kill you…?" Sachi turned around in fear. "T-the Dark Lord…..Yamito!" Sachi stumbled on the floor. "Well I don't believe it, I'm popular…" he kicked Sachi to the wall. Sachi coughed out blood. "Constrict." Sachi couldn't breathe, he coughed up more blood. "When you die….No one will care." Sachi fell to the floor, blood coming out his mouth. "Well. That was boring. I guess I'll take a nap now." "Crystallite Fragmentation!" A red beam of light hit Yamito, as he flew to the wall. "What the hell?! What is this?!" Yamito said, panicking. "Crystallite Fragmentation. It seals your power into crystal shards and the will scatter across the world, destroying you in the process.

"Eh?! So You've defeated me….eh?!" Yamito screamed. "For now. If someone gather enough crystals, you can be revived, but I won't let that happen." "You will never destroy me…EVER! I'll be back, and next time there won't be a happy ending….!" "This isn't a happy ending." Crystals busted out of Yamito's body into the sky, and his body disappeared. "20 years, I get 20 years and I'll start hunting them down…." Kyodo sheathed his sword and walked into the now destroyed country. Friends lost, bonds shattered…..But he will cease to exist as long as those crystals are there….

To be Continued…..