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Chapter 1

Kiseki and Emiko

I was always a very curious child, always sneaking in and out places whether they concerned me or not. But then, I was eight, a child, it's what we do.

Anyway, on this particular day, I was playing around outside, trying to build a fort outside out of pieces of wood and cloth rags. It was then I heard a sound, like something being hit hard and a grunt. Distracted from my playthings, I followed the sound, getting more and more curious by the second. Until I discerned that the sound was coming from next door.

A few weeks back, a new family moved into the house next door to mine. We hadn't met them properly yet, mostly because my mom was always out and my dad was usually out of the country for weeks on end. I was usually left alone at home to take care of myself and my little brother, Daisuke. Don't panic, at age eight I could already cook well enough to guarantee none of us would ever develop food poisoning.

Anyway, after determining the location of the sound, I proceeded to scramble closer to the wall/hedge that separated our homes. My neighbourhood was really quiet and friendly. Everyone knew more or less everyone so we were comfortable with the lack of walls and such. After pulling my way to the top, I peered over. That was the day I met Kiseki-kun.

I saw a tall boy, a few years older than I was, landing harsh kicks and blows at something that resembled a training dummy but had been so beaten up from years of use it looked broken down and exhausted. He paused in his training and lowered his hands to his sides. "You can come down kitten." I blushed, I had been certain h couldn't see me as I was behind him.

"My name isn't kitten, I'm Hino Emiko!" I replied, still hanging onto the wall and watching him. "Why are you angry with your dummy?"

"Angry?" He stared at me in confusion. I nodded.

"You were kicking it, I only kick things when I'm angry with them!" I told him in a matter of fact tone of voice. A small smile twitched at his lips.

"Well, Emiko-chan, I'm not angry with it," he patted the battered piece of wood and grinned. "I'm practicing, I'm a kickboxer."

"Ne?" My eyes widened. "Kya, that sounds so cool!" He chuckled, seeing the amazed look on my young face.

"You can come inside," he offered. I beamed and struggled to climb the wall until I was perched on it. then a problem presented itself. On my side, I had formed footholds and handholds I could use to climb up and down the wall. His side was completely smooth, or at least, devoid of such crevices. I was stuck. "It's too high up!"

"Come on," he walked up to me and stood below me. "I'll catch you." I was still nervous but looking into those deep, sea green eyes, I knew I could trust him. So I jumped. And he did catch me, however, I managed to knock him flat on his back. We ended up with me on top of him, staring down at him with wide, sky blue eyes. However, being a child, I recovered faster and jumped off with a happy squeal.

"Kya, it's so much bigger than I thought!" I touched the wood. I took a fighting stance, mimicking a pose I'd seen on TV and proceeded to punch it and kick it spasmodically. He watched, getting more amused by the second until he finally burst out laughing when I collapsed on the ground in exhaustion. "Mou, why are you laughing?" I asked. He finally caught his breath and walked up to me, still grinning. He ruffled my bubblegum pink locks. I had tied them up with a cherry red ribbon earlier but it must have come loose. It didn't matter, my hair was only chin length anyway.

"Nothing, you're just adorable Emi-chan," he smiled. "Kya, copy me." He struck a pose. I obeyed and struck the same stance. "Good, now punch the air hard…"

We did this for almost three hours, until I could punch the dummy with enough precision. "Ne, I wanna learn Kickboxing, Kiseki-onii-kun will you teach me kickboxing?" I asked, my eyes shining.

"…hai, Emi-chan…"

We were almost inseparable for the next five years. He liked carrying me a lot, he was strong enough to. And he always liked holding me. Not in a bad way, mostly just holding my hands, hugging me and such. I was an innocent, I didn't know what it meant. After a while, I was a skilled kickboxer. The fact that I was a girl made me prouder, but I could never beat him. He was much stronger, more skilled than I was. Yet, this just made me admire him more, at the same time strive to be just like him.

Then I turned thirteen and he and his family left for England. I remember standing at the airport with him. He lifted me up and hugged me to him. I was thirteen, he was fifteen. And then he put me down and fastened something around my neck. A beautiful necklace of silver chain link and a cobalt blue gem hanging from it. then he leaned down and kissed my cheek.

"I'll be back for you Emi-chan…"

So…how was it? bad? Good? Remember, this is only a prologue!