I got my inspiration from Dragon Quest IV, Dragon ball Z, (Well, kind of) and Fairy Tail.


Azarni POV

I sat on my balcony in the Village of The Dragon,it had been are rather long day, as I had been packing to go on a journey that I would probably never return from.

"Princess." Chi, my maid, stood behind me. I nodded and stood up. As I reached the bar of the balcony I saw the mass of people that made up the Village of The Dragon, they were all staring up at me, awaiting a speech.

"Citizens, as you may know, I am the only surviving dragon descendant left, therefore I must go...for if I stay here, this village will be no more..."

"But Princess, if you leave, who will look after the village?" A small village girl asked.

"Chi, my maid, will protect you, her skills are S-ranked, as long as she is here, you will be safe." I surveyed the crowd, seeing the young beggars made something stir in my heart. "Before I leave, there is one more rule that I am going to propose...Anyone who is out on the streets and begging, has the right to live in the palace, where you will be well fed and be able to sleep in beds that aren't flea-ridden." I looked round at Chi to see if I had missed anything out of my speech. She gave me the thumbs up and I turned back to the crowd. "I love this village and all of its people...goodbye to everyone, please keep the village as beautiful as it is currently." With that I raised a hand, turned and walked away, without looking back.


Hoshi POV

I sat on my majestic white horse whilst listening to Azarni's speech. She seemed so different to when we used to play with each other in our youth; maybe she matured because of the assassination of her family.

The huge, black dragon gate finally opened and Azarni was revealed. She had grown to be very beautiful. She had straight, jet black hair that reached down to her waist in a ponytail; her eyes had become an even deeper shade of purple since her childhood. She was wearing the silver and purple dragon, battle-mage, armoured robes. My eyes then flicked to her horse and I smiled, she still had the same dark horse that she rode when she was a kid.


"Azarni!" She rode up to me and gave me hug.

"Oh my god, I haven't seen you in so long!"

"The Village of The Star wouldn't let me visit you..."

"So, why are you here now?"

"I'm coming with you; the paths of the Dragon and Star are entwined right?" Her eyes lit up.


"Let's go then."


"So." I talked to Azarni as we rode through the desert terrain that surrounded the Village of The Dragon. "Do you have any idea where we have to go first?"

"Yeah...it's here, well by here I mean that it's in the kingdom of one-thousand myths."

"Azarni, the kingdom is huge; we can't just go on the fact that whatever you're looking for is in this kingdom." She looked thoughtful.

"I have got more information than that, but I can't figure it out."

"Show me." Azarni pulled a note out from her purple robes and passed it to me. Just staring at the note hurt my eyes, she held out her hand.

"I knew you wouldn't be able to deal with it."

"What is that?"

"It's the clues, only a dragon descendant is able to read the runes on the note."

"Why don't you read it then, YOU'RE a dragon descendant." Azarni scratched her head in a way that showed her embarrassment.

"I was never fully taught how to read dragon runes, so I could only decipher the first part...well, the first three words..."

"Which are?"

"Frozen Death's Library."

"I'm guessing you know where that is."

"Not even slightly..."


"Well I don't, that's why we're going to the Arcane City. I'm sure there must be someone in the university there that specialises in runes." I sighed, looks like my time with Azarni is all going to be based around luck.


Azarni POV

Despite the fact that we were using magic to go at abnormal speeds, it took several hours for us to arrive at the Arcane City; I had never been there before so I was amazed at the sheer greatness of it. Banners were hung up everywhere, all containing different quotes from great magicians. Stalls lined both sides of the street, each one selling something entirely different to the one neighboring it.

"Wow, Hoshi what's that?" I pointed to something pink that bared a resemblance to a cloud. Hoshi laughed.

"That's candyfloss, you eat it, it's really sweet. Do you want to try some?" I stared at the 'candyfloss.'

"No, it looks rather suspicious." Hoshi rolled her eyes.

"Come on, we need to hurry up and get to the university before it closes for the night."


Two boys were guarding the gates to the university. The one with green eyes and brown spiked hair, wearing a green hoodie walked up to us.

"You are not a student; therefore you don't have the right to enter the university."

"But we really need to." I argued.

"Sorry." He gave me the nicest smile that I've ever seen. "Not my rules." Hoshi stepped forward.

"What can we do to become students at this university?"

"You have to prove that you have some amount of magical power. Do you wish to become a student?" Hoshi nodded.

"Yes, we both want to become Arcane University students." The green eyed boy turned to me.

"You can demonstrate first."

"Demonstrate? How exactly?" He smirked.

"Beat me in a fight."

"You're on! Dragon summon, sword of purgatory!" A beautiful silver katana with purple runes inscribed on the black handle appeared in my hand. The boy looked surprised.

"You're a dragon descendant? I thought they'd all died out. Anyway, god summon, holy lance!" A large golden lance appeared and my eyes widened.

"I've never met someone who walks the way of the gods...this'll be interesting." We both leapt forward with astonishing speed and clashed several times before we realised that neither of us were going to win in terms of swordsmanship, as we seemed ridiculously evenly matched. I clenched my fists and silver fire appeared around them. I got up close to him and preformed a complicated boxing routine. I threw the final punch and he landed on the floor in front of me. I smiled at him and held out my hand. "How was that?" He took it and I pulled him up.

"You pass...I'm Ichiro, you are?"

"I'm Azarni, that's Hoshi."

"Azarni..." He looked thoughtful. "You're the dragon princess!"

"Yeah...so, are we allowed in now?"

"Yeah, normally you'd just be let in anyway, but with the criminal on the loose we can't trust anyone."

"Criminal?" Hoshi asked.

"Yes, her name is Toshi; she follows the way of the mirror."

"The way of the mirror?" I looked at Hoshi.

"You don't know what it is?"

"No, do you?" She asked, staring at me.

"Yes, the way of the mirror allows you to transform into anyone or anything...but following that way got banned for safety reasons."

"Safety reasons?"

"Yeah, so that the things that Toshi is doing wouldn't happen."

"But they did anyway..."

"Yeah, anyway you two travellers shouldn't be concerning yourselves with the Arcane City's troubles, go on inside." He gestured to the gold gates, which were open, awaiting our entrance.

"Come on." Hoshi walked towards the gates, her two white ponytails that were held up by silver star clips trailed out in her wake.



"I can help you catch the criminal." He smiled.

"I don't need help off someone who follows a path lower than my own." I giggled.

"Right. Please let me help."

"Sure, but we're going to need some help."

"Off who?"

"Maeko, she is only eleven, but she has mastered the way of sight, she will be able to see through any disguise that Toshi has."

"That's great, where is she?"

"Follow me."

I followed Ichiro into the university's library.

"Is she in here?" I asked.

"Yeah, her sensei is the librarian, so she should be here."

"Hey, Azarni." I turned to Hoshi who had unwillingly followed me and Ichiro. "I'm going to go and search for someone who follows the rune way."

"Okay, sure."

"Azarni this is Maeko." a small girl with long blue hair and deep ocean blue eyes stared up at me.

"Hello, Maeko." She smiled at me.

"It's nice to meet you, Azarni-sama."

"So, I hear that you have mastered the way of sight." She nodded enthusiastically.

"Yes, I'm happy to be of help to you."


Hoshi POV

Urgh, why does this god-damned university have to be so big? I'm never going to find a rune follower at this rate.

"Urmm, excuse me, can I help you?" A guy with curly blonde hair and bright blue eyes spoke to me.

"Urm...I'm...where." Oh my god, he is so god damn beautiful. Argh shut up Hoshi; you need to find a rune person. "Do you know where I can find someone that follows the way of the rune?"

"Hmm." He thought for a moment. "Yeah, follow me. My name's Kazuki by the way, I follow the path of the priest."

"I'm Hoshi, I follow the path of the star, it's nice to meet you."

I followed Kazuki until we reached some kind of astronomy tower. Sitting at a desk in the centre of the room, was a girl of about thirteen, she had short bright pink hair and soft brown eyes. She appeared to be studying a scroll with great intensity.


"Yes Kazuki-san." She didn't look up.

"This is Hoshi, she requires your assistance."

"Hoshi...what a pretty name." Nyoko lifted her head to examine me.

"You came with that dragon girl, didn't you? You came to translate that note that she held." My eyes widened.

"How did you know?"

"You see lots from this room, also I can sense nearby runes, so when some wandered onto my radar I couldn't help but be curious."


"So, where are the runes?"

"Azarni has them..."

"You can't look at them, correct?" I nodded. "Dragons are smart, but nothing can stop those who follow the way of the rune...what colour aura do you have?"


"No wonder you couldn't look at the piece of paper, yellow auras are among the weakest." I clenched my fists.


"No, I have a gold aura." My eyes widened, a gold aura is the second strongest after silver.

"W-Wow, you have a gold aura..."

"That girl that you were with, she has a silver aura, doesn't she?" I thought about Azarni, nobody was meant to know about her silver aura, as it's rare, and people would try to kill her and steal it.

"Yes, she does. Why?" Nyoko smiled.

"I wish to fight her, if she wins, then I will translate your precious letter."


Azarni POV

"Maeko, how much longer?" We had been walking uphill for about an hour, and the small blunette wasn't showing any signs of stopping.

"It's not much longer, Azarni-sama. I think I can just about see her." Maeko continued to walk at a swift pace, seeming to block out me and Ichiro.

"Hey, Ichiro-kun."


"How far can Maeko see?"

"Hmm...Two miles in every direction...I think."

"Hey, we're almost there, she's walking towards us, and she's in her normal form."

"REALLY?" Me and Ichiro chorused.

"Yeah, she's over there." Maeko pointed at the sunset. I squinted and just managed to make out a girl with short brown hair, wearing grey, apprentice arcane university robes.

"Are you sure that's her?" I asked.

"My eyes have never led me down the wrong path...I'm quite sure that's her." I got into a defensive stance.

"Uh, no." Ichiro put his hand in front of me. "I'M going to fight her!" I rolled my eyes.


"HERE I G-" Toshi fell to the floor with a stake through her back.

"Maeko, who's there?" Her eyes widened.

"Vampire hunters." Well, that explains the stake.

"Why are they after Toshi, I mean she's not a vampire, right?"

"You have been deceived." I jumped at the sound of the voice behind me. Turning I saw a man with grey hair and dark eyes, multiple scars covered his face. "She isn't a vampire, but she works among the filthy creatures."

"That's not possible." Ichiro argued. "All mages are checked before they enter the college; the hounds would have been able to sense the vampire scent on her."

"Vampires are intelligent; they have never met with this girl, meaning that she doesn't have their scent on them."

"Smart bastards..." I muttered.

"Indeed, you don't have to worry about the likes of them; the vampire hunters will clear them all up soon enough."

"I'm grateful for your organisation." He nodded.

"Many more lives would have been lost without us."

"DAICHI! HURRY UP!" The man turned to his companions, who had Toshi slung over their shoulders.

"ONE MINUTE. I'm sorry, I must leave now." He began to walk away.



"Do you know a woman named Ami? She follows the path of the rainbow. I'm pretty sure that she works within your organisation." He nodded. "Well, could you tell her to meet me at the university tomorrow? She saved my life and I never formally thanked her." Daichi looked at the ground.

"She's on death's doorstep at the moment...she'd love to see you, but I'm not sure that she can make it to you."

"Oh...that's okay..."

"We'll try our best to get her to you." My face lit up.

"Thank you!"


Amaya POV

"Akihiro-sama." The silver haired man turned to face me.

"What?" He snapped.

"Our contact at the university..."

"What about her?"

"Dead, by those filthy mutts." Akihiro's eyes seemed to adopt an even deeper shade of crimson.

"Are you trying to tell me that our plans have been ruined by those...those werewolves that call themselves vampire hunters?" I took a step back; I had no desire to be near my master in his current state. "What of the other contacts? Don't tell me that you killed all of them off as well."

"Well...there is still Chiyo, I guess." Akihiro's anger turned into contentment.

"As long as she's here it'll all be fine."

"But master, what of the dragon girl?"

"Dispose of her." I bowed.

"As you wish, master."


Hoshi POV

I stood at the gate; arms folded, and my face expressionless. Azarni finally came into view. She and Ichiro seemed to be deep in argument over who was stronger.

"Hey Hoshi!" She had noticed me.

"Azarni, you've won yourself a free fight."


"Nyoko says that she'll only translate those runes if you beat her in a fight."

"Who the hell is Nyoko?"


"Holy shit, I swear that you weren't there a minute ago."

"You will fight me, Dragon Princess." Azarni's left eye was twitching, showing that she disliked Nyoko just as much as me.

"Hey Azarni, you've been saying how you're stronger than me, prove it." She glared at Ichiro.

"Fine. Come at me bro!" Nyoko bowed and then charged at Azarni.

"Rune summon- Mages Staff!" Azarni looked mildly impressed as a glowing golden staff appeared in the girl's hands.

"Dragon summon- Mace of nightshade!" Azarni held a black chain with a spiked metal ball on the end of it. It was extremely intimidating, and made Nyoko's staff look like a child's toy. The pinkette pointed her golden staff at the sky. Runes circled the weapon and lightning began to crack around Nyoko. "Okay, that's pretty cool..." Azarni swung her mace expertly, the weight of the metal object seeming to have no effect on her speed. The mace began to catch fire as it was swung towards Nyoko's head. "Got you!"

"Nope." The metal connected with Nyoko and she burst into hundreds of feathers.

"A replication?" Azarni searched for Nyoko.

"Always check above." Her eyes widened as she focused her attention upwards.

"Shit!" Nyoko punched Azarni hard, her hand blazing with lightning. I coughed, smoke was obscuring my view.

When the two girls were revealed it was Azarni who was standing over a defeated Nyoko.

"W-What did she do?" Kazuki asked. My eyes were wide, what DID she do?

"Well, I win." Azarni claimed smiling. Nyoko nodded slowly, terror was painted across the young girl's face. "Come on." Azarni held out a hand to Nyoko. "Let's go back to your study and translate this script." I watched as Azarni dragged Nyoko into the university.

"Hey, Hoshi-chan, can you explain to me what just happened?" I shook my head.

"She's changed since she was a child, it's like she's a completely different person."

"She's cool, I like her." Ichiro said, grinning.

"Ichiro has a crush!"Kazuki taunted.

"I do not!"

"Hey guys." Everyone had seemed to of completely forgotten about Maeko, who had witnessed the whole fight. "I could see through the smoke, I couldn't see much, but there is one thing that I'm sure of."

"What?" The three of us chorused.

"There was a dragon."


Azarni POV

I watched Nyoko's golden pen scrawl across the yellowed parchment. Her handwriting was so pretty and seemed to radiate a beautiful golden glow.

"It's not much longer; I'm on the last sentence...why aren't you able to read it? I thought that all dragon descendants were taught how to read these runes." I looked the floor.

"My family were assassinated by dragon slayers, I'm the only survivor." Nyoko looked confused.

"How come they let you live?"

"It's a tradition that Dragon Descendants have red hair and red eyes...I don't, so they mistook me for a slave. For once I was actually grateful for my looks." The pinkette simply nodded and asked no more.

"Hey guys! Having fun?" I stared at Ichiro.

"Are you still here?" He pouted.

"Azarni-chan is so mean to me!" I laughed cruelly and then diverted my attention towards Hoshi.

"Who are you?" I asked the blonde haired, blue eyed boy standing beside her.

"I'm Kazuki." I gave Hoshi the 'Oh my god he is so fit' look and she nodded in agreement. I looked between Kazuki and Ichiro.

"There's a big contrast, and not in Ichiro's favour."


"I'VE DONE IT!" We all stared at Nyoko, who was holding up the paper triumphantly.



"What does it say?"


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