Dark moods.


When the grandfather's clock finally struck twelve,
At the door there was a startling echo of the bell.
Seeing the half empty place, the ends of her blood red lips curved;
And towards her dark shadow, everyone's eyes turned.
An eerie silence fell across in the room,
Announcing her arrival, a ghostly breeze blew.

She chose an empty corner to seat herself,
And ordered Apple Martini when the waitress came.
Crossing her legs, she silently teased everyone else,
And observed the hall, ever so slightly fazed.
The dim-lit bar and the intoxicating smell made her impatient,
But years of practice had calmed her down.
She composed herself and waited for someone to make a mistake,
And pretended as though she meant no harm.

She wore a seductive shade of Mardi Gras,
With jet black heels and sinful mascara.
Her hair was black, and she had violet eyes,
With an innocent face, she covered all her lies.
She had long nails, covered with black paint,
She was certainly a devilish femme fatale.

An affluent guy with bright hazel eyes,
Assessed her without attempting to hide.
She looked at him but didn't acknowledge;
He looked at her and not a word he said.
He was getting caught and he didn't know it still,
But she knew that she had trapped him.

He walked towards her, she smirked at the sight;
She was going to have a pretty good time tonight.
He sat beside her, forgetting all the world;
She looked in his eyes, deep into his soul.
He had sinned, killed his own mother,
And there wasn't a moment he had forgiven himself.
She held his chin in her ice cold hand,
He shivered, but still didn't understand.
She artfully held him closer to to her lips,
And there she had him enchanted with a single kiss.

She rose and took him to seclusion in a back room,
And following her was the best he could do.
He laid on a couch, and she held his collar,
Looked in those hazel orbs, she said to him;
"I have been waiting for you, every night till next dusk,
The one you have chosen is none other than a succubus."

Alas! The young man was surely bewitched,
Because not an eyebrow he flinched.
He could not foresee his own downfall,
He did not notice the abyss he had stepped into by fault.
"The days are over, now relax like everyone does
When I finish my work, the work of a succubus."

The next day, no one knew of the young lad,
He disappeared into oblivion like the dream he always had.
But a day later, she came once again,
At midnight, in search of another prey.
In a short dress, with really pale hands,
She held the Martini she always drank.

- Tensai-Teki Kuroneko