Chapter 2- A Shorter Escape Plan


"Yep," Peyton replied.

The scientist gasped and turned towards the speaker, "Subject 4 has developed justice."

I did all I could to suppress my smile. The scientist seemed frantic, and I didn't even understand why.

I decided not to say anything about what I did to Francis. The scientist guy probably would've died.

"So what do you want to do?" Peyton asked. She entered the room while me and Kim were watching Gravity Falls, thanks to the USOA, they let us have pretty much what ever we want. Though, we all were planning the break-out.

I grunted and Kim poked me, "That's not an answer."

I rolled my eyes, "I guess we could-"

"Alright miscreants! It's time for another test!"

That little voice of sunshine was Jane, the cruel head of testing these supernatural people in the USOA. She burst through the one-way door, but she had the key to unlock it from the inside.

Mark came in with a soda in hand, "Test time?" Peyton nodded.

Tests here were very boring. Most of the time it was aerial stuff, lots of times they pulled one of us away for something to do with smarts. The younger ones of the family were better at that than the vigorous physical tests.

Today, it was Kim who was pulled aside. Also, today was different. Kim was bolted to a chair, (That's not different, we always get bolted to chairs in the smarts tests) and was under us, instead of in another room.

"Alright!" Jane barked, adjusting her military cap, "fly through the hoops, and do it fast this time!"

I pulled out my dark wings from the slits in our shirts. We jumped, Mark first, of course.

The bland air still seemed flat in the air, humid and lame. Peyton still smiled, flying through the metal hoops suspended by metal poles.

I then looked down, Kim was still on her chair. Though, a scientist approached her with a syringe.

At first I thought it was the day for our shots, then, with my raptor vision, I saw it was green!

Green syringes were given to the supernatural 'whatevers' when they needed to go. I've seen aliens, monkey-men, and a Bigfoot, all fall under the green liquid.

Kim panicked, she was gagged, which I had noticed. I brushed my wings against Marks, then titled down. His eyes widened, and Peyton and looked, too. Her eyes looked like golf balls.

"It's time," Mark muttered.

We dived and launched into the scientists.

"Peyton, keys?" Mark shouted.

She turned around, "Got 'em!" She tossed them to me. I punched the scientist behind me and unlocked Kim from her jail chair.

"Ugh! Finally, let's get into the action!"

I kicked a female scientist right in the leg. I round-housed kicked 'Miss High-and-mighty bark-yer-order' Jane.

"Ooh! You four are going to pay!" She bellowed, they proceeded to black out.

I heard the noise of shattered glass, and saw that Mark busted open the window.

Kim dropped the scientist she held up, then hopped out the window.

"Peyton!" I called and pulled into her the window, Mark shooing us along.

He leaped in after us and we flew up into the open air.

We had never been outside. The air seemed so natural, and I felt so free.

"Peter?" Peyton frowned, "I'm nervous."

I looked down, "I'm sorry. We had to leave, Kim was in danger and that was the last straw."

Kim rubbed her arm.

"Oh look at that tree!" Peyton gasped, always unfocused, but who could've love her.

As a friend slash sister, not girlfriend. Right?

Mark grunted, "I never got to finish my Dr. Pepper."

Yeah, we all loved Dr. Pepper, except Peyton. She didn't drink much soda, except Sprite.

"Ohhh, Mark! You got me hungry!" Kim said.

I giggled, "Ah, it's ok!"

Then something happened, I hit something, or something hit me. It knocked the air out of me and I tumbled to the ground.

"…her! He… wake up! Guys I… he's up, right?"

I fluttered my eyes opened. Kim was over me, and her strawberry blonde hair almost touching my face.

"Hey, honey," she smiled.

I hugged her, then asked, "What hit me?"

Peyton came up, and pointed to my wings. Ice covered them, not like a coating, but chunks of ice were stuck to them.

Mark looked around, acting scout. "Notta thing," he muttered.

"Ugh! Veronica, you hit a… bird. Kid."