By: Brooke Garvin

The field was filled with the most beautiful sunflowers I have ever seen in my whole life. I always admired them, thinking they have life's too and there almost like humans except they live outside and they are rooted. I thought nothing could destroy them, but that all changed the day when the fire had gotten out of control. The fire that had been caused by me!

I stood in the middle of the field looking at the burning sunflowers; this was my only place where I went when I was either sad or mad. The sunflowers always made me smile now looking at them now they're not. The smoke darkened the sky, the blue was replaced with the horrible black smoke that rose from the burning sunflowers into the sky.

I was breathing hard but I was able to breathe while the fire and the dreadful smoke enclosed on me. Sunflowers fell to the ground chard; they still burned as the hit the ground.

My eyes flooded with salty tears, they were now pouring out of my grayish colored eyes and falling into a puddle of tears on the ground. I spun around in 360 looking all around me seeing what I had done.

The flames expanded inch by inch, the warm-ness of the fire hit my face every time it inched close to me. The fire was circling me as if it were kidnappers trying to grab me. I breathed in and out slowly I tried to calm myself down. As crazy as it seems it felt like I had been waiting for this to happen my whole life, (not about the sunflowers, that I'm not happy about.) Something big was happening to me right now, something that me and my whole family had been waiting to happen to me. This is something my sisters had to go through (not puberty not yet.)

I took another deep breath and sat down on the grassy and muddy ground looking at all of the burning sunflowers. The fire reflected on my eyes as if they were mirrors trying to show me what I look like right now. The flames were now close enough to burn me, but when the flame of the fire touched me it didn't burn me or hurt me all it felt like I was getting stronger as each flame zapped me.

Here's a little reality check; you might think I'm crazy but my family is different from the normal ones you see every day, we are just tiny bit different my family are special sprites! Not the kind that haunts you, we are extremely different.

My mom told me I would get "Nature" powers very soon; I guess I had just gotten them.

Fire… I was now a fire sprite!

Let's just get back to this problem.

"What have I done?" I asked myself. I sobbed as I said words

"Camille?" a faint voice called out, it was loud enough to get through the raging fire that I was now sitting in.

My head popped up as I heard a voice call my name.

"Who are you?" I asked

"Its winter!" the voice responded back to my question

"Oh." I said to myself as if I were whispering to myself.

"STOP THE FIRE CAMILLE!" my sister Winter shouted

How could I stop a fire? Is she dumb or something you can't stop a fire unless you have like water right next you. All there was a puddle of my tears on the ground and the ground was absorbing them up. So I latterly had NO WATER WITH ME AT ALL!

So I shouted back saying "I CANT WINTER DON'T YOU KNOW THAT?!"

She didn't respond back


"How can you even breathe in that fire Camille?" Winter asked

I didn't know what to say. So all I said was "I don't know Winter, I just can ok!"

I got up from grass and dirt covered ground and looked at my sister with tears flooding out my grayish colored eyes.

"Are you ok Camille?" She asked

I paused for a minute and took another deep breath and responded back to Winter saying "NO IM NOT."

The Fire was now 1 centimeter away from my legs, then I sighed as a tear fell from my cheek and onto the ground where the fire boiled it. I started to walk through the flames of the fire and Winter's mouth dropped open. As I finally reached her she stood there paralyzed in position.

"You ok Winter?" I asked trying to bring her back

She shook her head like you would do if you had been trapped in some kind of daze and looked at me with a shocked and worried look on her face.

She mumbled "Yeah I'm fine Camille."

"Oh… ok then." I said

The tears were still exploding out of my eyes, the slid down my pink-ish colored cheeks and into the ground. Winter leaned into hug me but then something happened to her that I never thought I would ever do to her.

"OWW you burned me!" She hollered out of pain that the burn did. What I had done to her I burned her and I didn't want to! What is happening to me? Why am I doing this?!

"I'm so sorry Winter didn't mean to, I'm really sorry." I said

"It's ok Camille." She paused then looked at me and then said "Let's just get out of here before the fire is close enough to burn me badly."

"Good idea sis." I said

We walked side by side but winter stayed a couple of inches away from me, we walked away from the burning sunflowers and the fire that I started.

"Camille?" Winter asked

"Yeah." I mumbled

"Do you know what started that fire?" Winter asked

I stopped walking and hesitated for a moment and right when I was about to say something Winter said "Like really, you sat in the middle of all it, how were you able to breathe in the fire, and stay in there without getting yourself burned? How were you able to walk through the fire to get over to me without getting burned because you were latterly walking through the fire?!" Winter asked

I took another deep breath and looked at Winter straight in the eyes and said "I started the fire ok Winter there's your answer you happy?"

I sighed with annoyance

Winter gasped

"Why would you do that Camille?" She asked

"I didn't mean to, I don't know why I did ok, it was an accident I really didn't mean to Winter." I said

"Wow… but still how did you breathe and walk through the fire." She asked and pleaded

"You know that question is annoying and you keep asking me it." I stated

"Sorry… I just really want to know ok! I have a right to know Camille and you know that." Winter snapped at me

"Yeah I know that." I mumbled

"So can you please tell me now, or else." She warned me

"Or else what Winter? What would you do to me to make me tell you?" I snapped back at her

"I'll freeze you." She said

"I'll probably just melt the ice Winter." I mumbled

She gasped and her eyes widened she knew the answer to her own question.


"I don't know ok!" I said

"How could you not tell me… your own sister that you had just got your powers?!"

She demanded with a question.

"Did they get out of control Camille?" Winter asked with a calm voice

Winter was finally calming down. I hated it when she yelled at me… well everyone hates when she yells.

"Yeah they came, and I think they did get out of control Winter. I guess when you do get powers they get of control and you can't do anything about it what so ever." I said trying to make the last part a fact.

"Probably, I was wondering why I had created that huge snowstorm in the middle of September remember it happened 2 years ago." She said

Winter was trying to figure things out.

I laughed "I remember, it was fun not having school for 3 whole weeks because of all the snow that you created." I said

"Don't forget about going to the market like 4 days to get some more hot chocolate mix."

"Oh yeah I remember that." I said

"So many memories Camille."

"I know right." I agreed with Winter

As we walked through the field the green grass brushed against our ankle's as we maneuvered through the grassy field.

A whole hour passed by and we finally reached our house and we were now walking up the long pathway to the front door.

"So Camille, looks like we need a nickname for you." Winter blurted out from nowhere.

I giggled "Maybe Winter." I responded back

"o O how about fire girl?" Winter said

I rolled my eyes at her.

"You got that name from the book you read called FIRE GIRL!" I snapped

"It was a good book too." Winter snapped back at me

She sighed "Fine no nickname for you."

"I could live with that." I said with a perky voice

"So are you going to tell mom about tonight Camille?" Winter questioned

I stopped in my tracks

"Well are you?"

"I don't know yet."

"Well I think you should, because she can help you learn how to control your." Winter's voice trailed off as another voice pitched in.

"Help Camille control what Winter?" a voice said

A figure came out of the shadows. The figure was my older sister Marissa!

I shivered as she walked up to me and Winter.

"Help her control what?!" Marissa demanded

"Her angry… she was going to ask mom if she could help her control her angry issues." Winter lied

Marissa looked strangely at Winter then said "Anger issues? I thought Camille goes to the sunflower field when she's mad."

I shivered when Marissa said Sunflower field, it brought back the horrible thought of how the sunflower field looks right now!

Marissa was very clever and smart she knows something is up and she doesn't stop until she wins.

"That's it were going down there I need to water them anyway" Marissa said

"But… but." Winter and I said

"No buts."

Then all of a sudden Marissa grabbed me and Winters arms and started to drag us down the pathway and onto the side walk.

We crossed the road and walked through the grassy field.

30 minutes passed by and we were almost to the sunflower field. I knew we were almost there because I could see the glow of the dreadful fire that I started!

"WOAH WHATS THAT ORANGE AND YELLOW GLOW?!" Marissa shouted with amazement.

I looked to Winter then she gulped trying to tell me were busted!

"Let's get a closer look guys." She said she dragged us closer and closer.

We now saw the flames of the fire, the sunflower field looked much worse than before.

"OH MY GOD!" Marissa Screamed

I couldn't hold it in anymore I had to tell Marissa about the fire and everything else that had happened tonight! Any minute now I'm going to burst out with tears and lots and lots of words.

Winter looked at me with a worried face.

That's when I finally spilled.

"IM SO SORRY, I can't hold it in anymore!" I blurted

Marissa looked at me with a "what the hell are you talking about" look.

"I started the fire Marissa, I did this!" I said

She looked at me with the widest eyes I've ever seen in my whole life then she said "You did this? How? Why?" She asked

"Powers" I mumbled as tears began to flood my eyes again

"I found Camille in the middle of the fire; I'm just putting that out there ok." Winter said

"Oh… I see." Marissa said

"Please don't be mad at me I didn't mean to start the fire I couldn't control any of it I'm so sorry." I sobbed

As a cried my throat hurt badly and now I was breathing like a non athletic girl that had just run the mile run.

"Calm down Camille its ok I'm not mad, I understand the position you're in right now Winter and I were in the same one when we got our powers so please calm down the take some deep breathes." Marissa said trying to calm me down

I took some deep breathes and my heart rate was nice and slow again I was now officially calmed down, and my throat stopped hurting.

"Hey I got a good idea guys." Winter said randomly

"What is it Winter?" Marissa questioned

"Let's just GET OUT OF HERE!"Winter shouted over the rage of the fire that exploded with flames every 5 seconds.

"Good idea lets go." Marissa said

I looked at the burning sunflowers then turned away and started to walk the other way.

The sun was going down, showing an extraordinary portrait. It looked like it had been painted to its most beautiful point.