Story Title: Word Poems – Spiral, Speak, Ordinary

Author: Hikari no Vikki

Genre: Angst/Romance

Description: Three words taken directly from a dictionary, are given new insight when emotions trouble a hormone-ridden heart.

Author's Notes:

I have a whole spiral of these, and a few others scattered here and there. This is the beginning of my free verse writing, which I started about three years ago. (Forgive my lack of updating. I sort of forgot I even had this account.)


For as long as I can remember, this was me:
Cool, levelheaded, patient, at ease.
I never cared a thing for thrills,
Watching was just fine for me.

But I wonder, when did I change?
When did that patience die?
Now I have this need to fly,
For my wings to beat, to soar in the sky.

I must let loose my hair,
Let it flow, let myself shine, shine, and glow,
I rise high I the skies to rise so high,
There is no darkness, only light.
No need to fear, yet an urge to fight.

When white feathers rain down
The wind ripples and becomes just right…
I make my dive
Swooping down without fright.

Down on the ground, my vision spins.
With a smile I fall…
Perhaps I do like thrills after all.


When something goes wrong
Someone speaks.
When someone hurts another,
Someone speaks.

But when someone get bullied
No one speaks.
When someone knows you're hurting
They don't speak.

Something holding you back,
You can't speak.
Breathing should give you sound
Yet there is no squeak.

Signals are scrambled,
It's all one big shamble,
No one can hear you
Because you can't speak.

Then the remarkable happens:
One sound finally sounds!
And then the dominos fall…
It turns out you could speak after all.


It's the strangest feeling
One that's almost depressing,
And you can't escape it
But you've got to keep trying.

Don't let your life be black and white
Fill it with color,
Fill it with light!

Say no to mediocrity!

Don't let yourself be ordinary,
Don't let yourself fade to black,
Don't let yourself be mediocre:
Strive to stand out and shout! LOOK!

When you're ordinary, there's no color.
No day of your life ever really shows.
There is only patterns, sequences, equations…
Everything is predetermined.

There's no music, no zest,
No art, no color,
Nothing shows! No light, only black!
So strive to stand out and shout…


Like I said, really early stuff. But if you have any input, please do not hesitate to share.