Story Title: Word Poems – Name, Over, Darkness

Author: Hikari no Vikki

Genre: Angst/Romance

Description: Three words taken directly from a dictionary, are given new insight when emotions trouble a hormone-ridden heart.

Author's Notes:

I have a whole spiral of these, and a few others scattered here and there. This is the beginning of my free verse writing, which I started about three years ago. (Forgive my lack of updating. I sort of forgot I even had this account.)


Your name is many things:
Who you are and why you were
Who you will be
And how you will act...
Your name is your life, your soul.

When you're little, you have many names.
You have short ones
Silly ones
One big long one that ALWAYS spells trouble…
But they're all you. And... not you.

Then as you get older, you want your name,
The one that just oozes you all over
And screams your essence from on high.

Confused, you look for it
Perplexed, you examine it,
But finally you take it
And you've found yourself at last!

Still, if you're one of those too late…
Those still in the dark
Who cannot find your way,
Just stop, sit, rest.
And take a good look at your name.


Finished, finalized.
It means death to dreams,
Crushes hopes, creates fear.
Your heart hammers; it's too late,
Soon you know the end is near.

Heavy hearts look up, sorrowful,
Wide eyes drip tears of silver,
So full of potential, they cry,
But it is so soft, floating slowly...
Falling down, they simmer… poof.

Oh! But when pain clamps, suffocates,
A block of stone upon a chest,
Heat and blood and sweat throughout,
Until it goes beyond, dissipates,
Light fills, and there is hope at last.

Then when life walks upon polished stone,
Darkness is gone, pain is no more.
Such sweet release, such love, and warmth,
You know and feel, but you don't mind
Because it's over, and that's just fine.


In the shadows of desperation,
Concealing and revealing,
Within comes your one true face:
Is it silent or is it screaming?

Does it long for light in the endless night
Does it look up at the moon and cry?
You know that this is how it will be
Even if for just a long while
And not an eternity.

The darkness is hot, and choking.
Even uncovered, you're desperate
Gasping for air, trailing after sleep.

Wave after wave interrupt stillness,
Dreams meld into nightmares
That become a dark reality.
Candlelight cannot dispel,
This suffering it cannot quell.

But, if you pray and hope,
Hope and pray,
In time you'll soon see the light of day.

Like I said, really early stuff. But if you have any input, please do not hesitate to share.