Hello and welcome! Before the story starts, here's some brief but fundamental things to be aware of about the sort-of-dystopia in which the story is set. No need to worry about it too much though, the story IS NOT about war or solar energy!

A brief introduction-

Earth, the near future:

After a rather embarrassing incident with an English vicar and a tray of hot cross buns, the planet was plunged into a spontaneous but nonetheless devastating war, known as 'God's War', which lasted nearly 20 years and ended rather badly.

The world is split into two empires; Tyrus, where religious people live, and Daicia, for atheists.

No-one is particularly happy with this arrangement.

Climate Change is gradually being tackled, but most people are paranoid and have built large anti-UV domes where they spend most of their time. Solar energy is widely used, and airships are rather popular.

Now that that's done,


Love, China. xxxxxx