I killed a man

In cold Elf blood,

I slit his throat and watched the flood.

I went to sleep,

I dreamed of Death,

And the pleasure in that man's last breath.

I awoke in peace,

Then out he came;

The hooded man in Mother's name.

He spoke to me,

Bestowed a task,

To kill again, he need not ask.

I did the deed,

Stopped Rufio dead -

I buried my blade deep in his head.

Feeling no guilt

He said to me,

"Come join us in our Sanctuary".

I joined their ranks,

Made my way up

To the top from just a pup.

Part of the gang,

I earned my place,

For killing - I acquired a taste.

I served them well

With bloody fists,

Until a traitor was in our midst.

For Lachance

I cleansed my home,

Then found my contracts on my own.

He sought me out,

Called me insane,

"Do you know who you've just slain?"

I'd been killing them all -

Sithis' hand -

The contracts I'd taken were not as he planned.

He sent me along

To the conspirators' lair,

I wouldn't have guessed what I would find there.

The hut smelled of the Death

Of the people forgotten,

And an old lady's head which was terribly rotten.

Mathieu Bellamont,

The devious cur,

Plotted our deaths to avenge his mother.

He wanted us gone,

The Night Mother too,

For the poor woman that Lucien slew.

They thought it was him,

And attacked on a whim -

Chopping and slicing and slashing him in.

I wasn't in time,

I had found them too late;

The Speakers had sealed my Lucien's fate.

They strung him up high,

For all to see,

A warning to our company.

They bragged of his death

And the way he fought back,

Though he had got weaker with every hack.

I took my revenge;

I slit Mathieu's throat,

And watched him bleed whilst I did gloat.

So now Mathieu's dead,

Trapped in the Void,

His blood on my hands I had rather enjoyed.

With Lucien avenged,

The Mother did rise,

And at last I looked into her ethereal eyes.

Praising my skill,

She enhanced my blade,

From Speaker to Listener, I was made.

Though one thing is sure,

There is nothing I want more,

Than to honour my Speaker, of whom I adore.

With Lucien gone,

Serving Father forever,

I rejoice in the day we serve Sithis together.