Broken and bruised, my body lay broken on the cold dirt of the rough outside floor. Cuts and bruises coated every inch of my cold pale skin while burn marks lay across my cold, flushed red cheeks. Pieces of shattered bloody glass was sprinkled and indented into my pale skin while the blood slowly climbed out of the cuts and started a dark red pool on the ground under my broken body, while some other pieces of the glass lay there all muddy as it surrounded me. My jeans were ripped and soaked with the dark red blood that was exploding out of my cuts and wounds that had coated my whole body. My fire engine red hair that was sprawled in a tangled mess was now darker as my blood spread its way all over it. I had never felt so weak in life; I've never thought this would happen to me… I don't think anyone would've… I don't think anyone would ever think or even dream of it, of their best friend that they had known for years… would ever try to rape or kill you.