Ebony Black and Ivory White

Daughters of Geras and Hebe

Alone they walk

Along the path

Their eyes there soon to bleed

Ebony black raised in age

Ivory shrouded in youth

Powers they gained

Powers they lost

But one was quite uncouth

Ivory White as cruel as Nox

Sucked life from all she saw

Pleasure of greed

Pleasure of death

She broke the final law

Ebony black and Ivory white

They clash for all infinity

Blood is spilt

Blood is drunk

The curse is now hereditary

So in the midst of Ivory's death

Tortured from her sin

Ebony changed

Ebony grew

Became her siblings kin

An so the cycle begins again

Of the twins of Youth and Age

As one's born evil

And as one will change

To abuse the power of rage