One day Puppup was in his house and then his secret blue light started to blink. It was Agent A! "Puppup are you there?" asked Agent A. "Yes i am" said Puppup. "We need you at the agency now!" said Agent A. "Ok" said Puppup. Then Puppup spun around so fast that he turned in to Super Puppup. Then he flew to the agency. and when he got in side of the agency Agent A said "We needed you here to see your new sidekick please don't Nurolise him". "fine i wont Nurolise him" said Puppup. Then a big red light started to blink. "We got a new mess on our hands" said Agent A. "So what is your name?" asked Puppup. "My name is Doggy" said Doggy. "My name is Puppup" said Puppup. "The one and only Puppup?" asked Doggy. "Yes the one and only" said Puppup. "we found the message that we got from the bad guys." said Agent A. "Whats the message?" asked Puppup. "The message is: THE BAD CAT AND THE CRAZY COW HAVE TEAMED UP" said Agent A yelling. "is that all?" asked Puppup. "no you will need to use the silent cricket, big guns and dueling skills" said Agent A. Then Puppup grabbed his duel disc and duel gazer and then he thew Doggy a duel disc and duel gazer. Then he handed Doggy the silent cricket "I feel like i'm going break this WOOFING thing" said Doggy. "Watch your kitten mouth" said Puppup. "Fine" said Doggy. Then they went to an apartment with people watching tv. And when they entered "Look cute puppies. I will give you guys a chip if you do a trick. And its going to be a hard one " said the old guy on the left. "How cute two puppies wearing capes!" said the old ugly lady sitting next to the old man on the left. "I got it! Can you speak?" said the old man on the left. "WE THOUGHT YOU WOULD NEVER ASK" said Puppup and Doggy. "AHHH! I HAVE LOST MY... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ZZ" said the old man on the left. Then Puppup went to the tv remote and pressed 1 46 78 9 then the wall behind them opened up and it had big guns. Then Puppup grabbed for big guns and handed Doggy two big guns then Doggy woke up the old guy on the left and both Puppup and Doggy put on Sun glasses and Puppup took out the nuroliser and nurolised the people on the couch and said "You did not see any talking dogs with capes or big guns and tonight you will have ice cream for dinner and dog food for dessert and i mean the dry kind not the canned kind.". And then he stuck his tongue out and when the left the old people said "I want ice cream and dog food for dessert .". "Ok Agent A we got the big guns so where are they?" said Puppup. "They are at city hall" said Agent A. when they got to city hall they were shooting Mitt Romney. then Mitt Romney said "Mitt Romney digivovle to ROMNEY-MON" but he still died."get ready to meet your match" said Puppup. "No were not there as two of us and one of you" said The Crazy Cow. "I guess i will have to surrender" said Puppup. then Doggy shot the bad cat in the butt and he jumped so high that he fell in jail. "One down one to go" said Puppup. "i summon medal cow in attack mode. then i summon cow in cow and im not done yet cause i summon shape shiftier and now i the magic card use crafty shiftier that means that my shape shiftier can shape ship in to my opponent and that's you now i place two cards face down and end my turn" said the crazy cow. "ya well its my turn... I summon super puppup so he can take down your shape shifter and now attack" said Puppup "Thats good because once you destroy the monster that looks like you with a monster that looks like you all the monsters that look like you die!" said the crazy cow. Then the Super Puppup monster was destroyed and so was the two cards that the crazy cow had put down. "Well its still my turn." said Puppup. "Not so fast you turn came to an end didn't i say that" said the crazy cow. "Fine. I end my turn" said Puppup. "goody now i summon-" said the crazy cow when he was distracted. It was Doggy with the silent cricket then Doggy shot the crazy cow with the silent cricket and he jumped up he fell in to jail. "WELL DONE DOGGY" said Puppup