My life might as well have begun when I turned 18, for that is when I was to leave my homeland and search for myself. If I was truly a fullblood, I would find a new life in a place of my choosing and only return to our secret island off of Liverpool only to have and raise my children, but if I was not, I could return to the island and become a slave. Naturally, I did not want to become a slave, so I set my sights on America.

My mother told me she would pack my things I would need on the trip and could not live without in America, get Humphrey, my pet bulldog, settled in his travel crate, and send my other things to my cousin, whom I would be staying with for my first few months in America. I was to sleep until the ship arrived to take me to mainland.

My ship arrived around 0:30. Many legends tell of vampires hunting for blood in the dark of night. Only rouges that are addicted to blood, the lowest of the low, prefer the night to the day. I was displeased to have to wake up at only thirty minutes past midnight.

I wasn't feeling particularly well before getting on the ship, due to the feast I had eaten for breakfast, and the rocking of the boat didn't help ether. I was retching for almost the entire journey to Liverpool. Seasickness is one of my few weaknesses.

At Liverpool I got on a train that would take me to London. London airport is a rather grand airport, and a favorite of my family. The train ride was quiet, boring if you ask me. At least it gave me time to read Cell, the new Stephen King book my sister gave me. The train's restaurant car had the best coffee I had ever tasted.

I had about a day in London, but I spent most of it sleeping. I did see Big Ben, and ride a giant Ferris wheel.

The plane ride was okay, the pills I took for airsickness knocked me out and I have no idea what happened. All I remember is being shaken awake by a stewardess after everyone else had left the plane.

I was finally in Massachusetts. My cousin, Zoe, picked me up in her new Toyota and drove me to her suburban home. I was greeted by her two golden retrievers and let Humphrey out of his crate.

I fell asleep in the guest bedroom while unpacking. Dreaming of what lie ahead.