I was only five years old, and I witnessed a massacre. I was terrified with fear when the Peacekeepers burst through my front door. They had recruited me for the Special Forces Unit of all North America. I had no choice but to go with them, if I ever wanted to see my families faces again. As soon as I was safely outside the screams began.

Twelve years later, I'm still with the SFU but I'm the best soldier they've got. Since that day, I've turned my emotions off, creating a hard shell of feeling nothing. I command Unit One, even though I am a woman and only seventeen years old.

Human survival is decreasing in odds everyday. Everyday more and more towns and cities are consumed by the virus that has consumed most of the human race, and the undead are increasing in population by the hour.

Only a few cities remained un-touched by the virus.

"Major Stryder, Colonel Harrison would like to see you in his office right now." The nasal intercom squeaked through the base, mostly in the residential wing, where I was. I got up and tromped away from the gaping faces of my unit, as they mingled helplessly. I noticed before I left the room, that Groeneveld, my best friend and someone who experienced the exact same thing, except her little brother, Mitchell, survived, was watching me with concern in her eyes as I tromped out.

I reached Harrisons office in less than five minutes when I walked in my fast ground eating lope. I pushed my way into the outer office and into the annoyingly cheerful waiting room.

"Ahhh, Major Stryder. Colonel Harrison will see you now." Miss. Charleston, escorted me into the inner office. I stood at attention.

"Ah, Major Alexandra Stryder. Please, have a seat." Colonel Harrison told me. I sat, but still uneasy.

" You wanted to see me sir?" I spoke in a calm cool voice.

'Always to the point, eh there, Stryder?" Harrison laughed, but then regained himself and grew serious.

"I have recruited you and your team for a very top of the line mission." He told me. He knows I love a challenge. I arched an eyebrow.

"Top of the line mission? What are we talking here?" I spoke, felt a grim smile crossing my face.

"The mission is just an experiment. We are sending your team into an overtaken city filled with undead that are filled with the virus." Harrison took a sip of water that was resting by his left elbow. He continued, " we want you to take the city back in the name of Human survival."

I let out on viscous laugh.

"I'll take the mission sir. Where is the destination?" I asked, The grim smile still on my face.

"Port Alberni, British Columbia. Your home town Alexandra." Harrison spoke slowly. I felt the blood drain from my face as that day flashed back in my head. I cleared my throat.

"With all due respect sir, I don't have a home town. May I pleased be excused?' I stood slowly. Not sure if my legs would support me. Harrison dismissed me.

"Stryder, your unit leaves at 0800. Be ready by then." I confirmed this and then I fled down the hall to the recreation area to find my unit. They had two hours to get ready and say their goodbyes.

It was 0800 and my team and I were riding on the plane to Port Alberni. I was dead tired. The last two hours felt like it'd been two years.

" Hey, Alex you still awake over there?" Major Groeneveld asked.

"Unfortunately yes, major." I replied. My eyelids felt heavy. But I couldn't close them, the nightmares that took me so long to overcome, would come back with a vengeance.

"Haha. You don't look it, Major." Lieutenant Richards laughed at me. I had to smile. Around these people I could be myself, and show some emotions. They're my family.

"Watch it, Richards. I swear." I laughed an uneasy laugh.

"Hey, Alex. You can sleep, the planes not landing for another 4 hours." Captain Maczulat told me with a know-it-all like tone. I smiled at him.

"Maczulat, I'll sleep when this thing lands. Alright?" I chuckled uneasily at myself again.

"Um, does anybody know where we are supposed to set up camp when we reach the destination?" Sergeant Taylor asked. I looked to my left.

"we're supposed to set up camp in the old High School. Sleeping quarters when we get there. Hang tight people." I told my unit and they all nodded except for those few who where soundly asleep.

An hour or so later, a loud banging noise arises, and Cassandra's younger brother Mitchell Crawls out from underneath her seat. Cassandra screamed in surprise and anger.

"MITCHELL CHRISTIAN GROENEVELD! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" Cassandra screamed in horror at her brother. I jumped up from my seat, I could only imagine the shock and fear she was feeling for her young family member.

"Major. Stand down. I'll deal with this." I soothed her the best I could. I'm not good at being soothing. Cassandra took a deep relaxing breath, but I noticed that she was still shaking, even with her stone expression.

"Fine. Please take care of him, Major." I nodded to her terms. Then I turned my icy green eyes un-scathingly on Mitchell.

"Mitchell, what the hell was going through your mind when you climbed aboard this plane?" I put fierce authority into my voice. I made myself taller.

"Well, you see Major Stryder, I wanted to join the mission too. You see, I've only heard about the antihumanites in school." He spoke in a scared voice. I made my voice chilled and frightening.

"It's too late now, but give me ANY grief, and I swear we will throw you off the plane." I spoke and I strapped Mitchell into the seat next to Cassandra. She looked agitated.

"why didn't we throw him off NOW? We'd give him a parachute…" Cassandra mumbled.

"Not an option. Although, kudos for the suggestion." I spoke to Cassandra, glared at Mitchell one last time and then, against all my wishes, fell asleep.