I always loved that smell of those flowers we use in Mexico for "El dia de los muertos." It has that strong odor that drives you to another level, just the same as the marihuana but this one is not unhealthy, maybe you get addicted to the aroma.

Today was November 2nd, Dia de Muertos in Mexico, that day where you would go to the commentary to visit those who already left us to go to the other side. I loved this celebration, mostly because of the candy you can get or those "altares" you make in honor of those famous people that died. There is also all of those songs representing death and the cartoon specials for this celebrations.

Yeah, El dia de muertos is one of the best celebrations in Mexico.

"Hello Rosa" I said, but she didn't answer, we haven't talk to each other since a long time. No, we were not angry at each other, not even mad but there was this barrier between us that broke our friendship almost completely.

"Do you feel okay today?" I said again, but once again she did not answer my question. I handed her cempasúchil flowers, giving steps to the front, touching what was left of her.

"We always liked them Rosa, remember we used to play in the Mercado with this flowers? We were the best perfume makers of all time. How was our kid shop named? Oh, Las Hermosas" I said again, and even though there was no answers at all, I imagined a big smile on her face. We loved to play back then when we lived in Guanajuato, the place of the Mommies. Since is a really cultural place, all celebrations are celebrated in a way that no one would imagine, there are fireworks, lots of food, mariachi, candy, flowers, and let's not forget family and people.

"You do remember don't you?" I said handing her some candy and Pan de muerto to her, then I put a candle and a glass of water on the floor, I also put her favorite food on one side.

"Do you remember Rosa, that day we decided it was better for us to come here and make a new life full of opportunities?" I told her, now, instead of watching a smile I saw a look of sadness, she looked tired also.

"It was this same day, November 2nd" I said, a tear now was going down my cheek, just remembering those days, remembering how they went one by one.

"It took us fifteen days, fifteen days smelling those cempasúchil"

I was staring now at her name carved on this rock, a date and a "momento mori" that she always wanted on her grave, rain was now famling from the sky, everything was the same as that day where we started our journey.

"Sometimes I wished it never happened you know? You would still be here with us"

Do you want to hear the story Rosa? Do you want to hear it?


El dia de muertos: Celebration in Mexico, honoring those who already died.

Altar: Usually representing some familiar of yours, it has different sections where you put symbols representing the four elements (they usualy put, flowers, flood, water and candles. Sometimes they even put toys for those young ones)

Mercado: It's like a big store, imagine a mall but filled with fruits and cultural furniture.

Las hermosas: The beautiful.

Cempasúchil: Flower used in the altar representing one of the elements, it is really traditional on the day of death.